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Portland Police Assault Protesters with Bicycles!

Everyone who was assaulted by the police in tonights march should file charges against the officers who assaulted them.
Everyone who was assaulted by the police in tonights march should file charges against the officers who assaulted them. They jailed someone for assaulting a police officer with a bike, then the same week use the same tactic against civilians. We have video of the police using their bicycles as weapons against unarmed nonviolent protesters. Even the mainstream media posted video of the police hitting people with their bikes. Lets get a roll call of all the assaulting officers, they were all repeat offenders. Lets coordinate some actions against the Portland Police Bureau. Infringing on freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, use of excessive forces, assault...

We can't just let them get away with these tactics!

Lets collect all the footage people have of incidents of police brutality.

Assaulting cops' names 29.Mar.2010 22:42

Eye Witness


Saw lots more assaults, some by the same people over & over but didn't catch all the names. I witnessed so much brutality I wonder if I'll be able to remember it all. It was a lot like the May Day 2000 Police Riot.

Speak Truth to Power...on the air 29.Mar.2010 23:08

Air Cascadia tranche3564@yahoo.com

Anyone who participated in or witnessed Monday's action want to talk about it? Share your experience with KBOO listeners. Call or email. 971-645-5232,  tranche3564@yahoo.com. It would be great to have you as a guest on Air Cascadia.


pdx anarchist 30.Mar.2010 01:40

injured knee

So should we just all file individual claims/suits/charges against the police who assaulted us, or the city? or is a way for multiple people to all file together? class action? Zalinka hit me with his bike while I was in the cross walk and I got it on film. I told him I was pressing charges and I plan on doing so. But I don't know the best route to do that. Any advice on that from the NLG? Or Rose City Copwatch?

Arrested 30.Mar.2010 02:19

Saul Bellamy Foster Saulfoster@comcast.net

I was one of the 7 persons arrested in the protest on March 29th. I wasn't trying to be violent in any form, when I noticed a women being hit by on of the bike policemen and went up to stop it. I noticed she was just trying to walk across the street to get to the sidewalk as we were ordered to do so. I went up to the police man and yelled in their face about how it wasn't right for them to being using bikes as a weapon. Seeing police use their motorcycles as weapons and running over one mans foot, just doesn't seem right to me. I feel as if I was doing the right thing, helping the women, but when the police officer hit me with their bike i exploded and yelled more. When the cop tried once again to hit me with their bike I reached out and grabbed the handlebars so I wouldn't be hit. That is when they yelled "grab that one". I know what I did was for sure not assaulting an officer like they said, which im being charged for. Even though this happened i'm glad people continued to march for what they believe is right and that this is our city, our town, our country and we must fight and show our love for each other and our community.


The man in this link was taken to OHSU 30.Mar.2010 03:46

Something needs to be done. But what nationally

The man from this video was taken to OHSU Emergency room. His head was slammed against the ground. His nose is sliced open, amongst other problems.

How can witnesses support? 30.Mar.2010 08:05

a witness

I'd like to find out how to support and offer my services as a witness to a seemingly unlawful and overly forceful arrest (the young man in brown jacket arrested about 6:45 at 12th and Jefferson). Maybe after today's arraignments, could info about how people like myself could come forward be posted on Indymedia by legal support or by those individuals?


careful with your comments 30.Mar.2010 10:55


Hey everyone,

If your are one of the folks arrested, be careful about what you say. Don't post your accounts of what
happened to you. You may say something that could hurt your case.


lots of ground footage and broken toes! 30.Mar.2010 11:31

peaceful anarchist justinedollarhide@yahoo.com

well, we went to the protest last night and I got as much of it on film as possible from the ground.. we were most of the time behind the banner and I got some footage of cops running people over with horses and bikes, a cop pointing a spray gun right at us, a cop running over and stomping out someone with a horse, I said "hey asshole your on film!" and as soon as he turned around I said "yeah you" and I got his face on camera.. also, while I was filming all of a sudden I was pushed from behind and a cop ran ME over with his horse and almost broke my toes from stomping on them.. I think I got his face on camera, but only momentarily because I was trying to turn around while the horse was on my foot.. a lot of the footage is a bit blurry, but its from my camera phone. the only thing is....... I am still trying to find a codec or something so the file type will be recognized on my computer.. feel free to email me and I will gladly send them to you so maybe they will work on yours.. I have about 6 or 7 videos.... and I'm trying my best to get them to play... as soon as I do, I will definitely send them to the right hands... ~Justinedollarhide@yahoo.com please only email me in support of this subject.. thank you!

Bicycle assaults 30.Mar.2010 11:51

xxx stevebeaven@news.oregonian.com

I am a reporter at The Oregonian and would like to talk to protesters who had encounters with police officers on bikes. Please give me a call at 503 294-7663.

Thank you.

Steve Beaven


Marlena Gangi guerrilla.girl.is@gmail.com

And don't give out your phone numbers here. A phone number can be googled to find the name and address attached to it. Set up a vouchable list serve to keep communication hidden. Talk to an attorney before talking to corp media. And DO NOT talk to this wench:  http://twitter.com/anitakissee

This KATU reporter's bias clearly shows on her twitter page as she covered the first Hoyt arburitum cop killing protest. She tweeted that she was glad to leave that protest so that she could then "cover some real news."

And major props to those who fought back.

protest videos!! 30.Mar.2010 14:13

peaceful anarchist justinedollarhide@yahoo.com

here are the videos I have promised. They are a bit rough because they are from my camera phone, and I'm not the best with editing or fixing videos.. if anyone can help to make them clearer please do so, or please feel free to re post and share!! (A)(E)(<3)

protest 30.Mar.2010 15:34

support in solidarity lizmartinis@hotmail.com

I think that this protest was a step in the right direction for people to see that getting out in the streets and standing up for what they believe in is possible and productive. Witnessing the acts of violence towards the protesters was painful for me. I got out of class at 6:30, and followed and supported them until about 9:45. I actually eft so I could make it home in time to see the news coverage. I was dismayed in the way that our local stations covered the event. The Oregonian also did a horrible job of reporting on the actual brutality against the protesters. I witnessed major unprovoked attacks by police officers.

I am really hoping that this protest can gain in strength and numbers. The local media has painted the protest as a bunch of anarchists, but really there was a diverse group of people that were there that decided to join the group that are frustrated with the police brutality in Portland. One thing that I think more protesters should focus on is that this is a symptom of a much larger issue. We need more social programs to help people with mental illness, and the PPB needs better training that involves non-deadly force.

Bravo to the organizers of this protest. I think that it was extremely successful. Oppression can be felt in Portland, Or, the United States, and across the globe, and we need more people to stand up and say no more. These streets are OURS!!

503 453-4679

Zelinka was the worst! 30.Mar.2010 16:42

A witness the whole way

It seems, from several other postings around Indymedia, as well as my own observations, that officer Zelinka (sp?) was the aggresor in many of the specific instances of unprovoked violence directed from the cops towards the protestors.

If the lawyers representing any defendants could make their contact info available so witnesses can come forward, it would be much appreciated.

I was assaulted. 30.Mar.2010 16:49


I was assaulted by Zelinka with his bike. He lifted his front wheel off the ground to head height and hit me in the head and in the stomach with the front wheel. How can I find out about filing suit?

Assaulted by a fucking bike cop 30.Mar.2010 18:05

I want to file charges

I don't know the cop's name. How can I find out who this cop is. He came up to me while filming and out of no where he hit me on my thights. I have 4 deep cuts from the bike sprockets afterwards the bike cop told me to get on the side walk. People were in the streets already and he didn't give me a warning. I would have gone on the street if he told me in the first place. He pissed me off and now I'm limping very badly. Who can I talk to.

Snodgrass. 30.Mar.2010 18:16


Officer Snodgrass was right there along with Zelinka... Didn't see his name up there.

TO "Assaulted by a fucking cop" 30.Mar.2010 20:53

Is he in this picture?


The guy on the right, Zelinka, seems by various accounts surfacing today, to have been single-handedly responsible for multiple injuries to demonstrators. Do you recognize either of these officers as the one who assaulted you? Look through other pictures that are available through this site and others and see if you can identify your assailant.

Best of luck to all.

Thank you internet 30.Mar.2010 21:51


Zachary A. Zelinka, facebook - www.facebook.com/people/Zachary-Zelinka/599916174 , DPSST # - 49984

In this ( http://media.portland.indymedia.org/images/2010/03/398204.jpg), he is the officer on the far right.

assaulting cops names... 30.Mar.2010 21:54



Hedges-hit multiple people with nightstick completely un-provoked.

I didn't get the names, but the three horse cops that came onto the sidewalk and started ramming the crowd of people (that was already on the sidewalk) need to be accounted for. I was in the front of the crowd and kept screaming at the cops that there was no where to go while they persistently ran their horses into us. Eventually the whole crowd started pushing back and got those fucks out of there, but I really felt as though I was about to be trampled.

If anyone has info about the officers involved or pictures/videos of that particular incident...please post it!

Legal Support offered here: 30.Mar.2010 22:42


witness 30.Mar.2010 22:45


I witnessed officer combs and officer snodgrass assault nonviolent participants with their bicycles

herrmillhouse 30.Mar.2010 23:37

one of 8

 renegade.sk8@gmail.com any one with info from the 6th and stark arrest zelika and snodgrass combs please email

any eye witness email me pronto!!! 30.Mar.2010 23:40

one of 8

Email me your contacts!  renegade.sk8@gmail.com ann EYE WITNESS to arrests EMAIL ME!!!

Thankful 31.Mar.2010 23:28


I am also a student who got out of class at 6:30 p.m. and joined the protest until about 10 p.m. I have pictures, some video, and I have written an op-ed article that I have been sending around to try to get published.

I am so glad that I am not the only one who is outrageously pissed off about the media coverage afterwards. Let's swamp them with our info and eyewitness accounts! People need to see what really happened.

I have a picture of my friend's leg--he got assaulted by a bike cop. With his permission, I would love to get THAT published...he has deep wounds from it!

Thanks all for your contribution...don't stop telling them until they get it!


Legal advice 01.Apr.2010 00:59

Robert Ekas

For each person injured by persons acting under color of law you do have recourse.

1) You may file a complaint with the Portland Police Bureau and let them tell you how wrong you were.
2) You may file a lawsuit in Oregon state court. Beware of the Oregon Tort Claims Act if you do.
3) You may file a lawsuit in federal court under 42USC1983.

If you opt for option 3 then there are a couple of complaints that you may use to guide you. The best is Hackbert v Pittsburgh but there is also Duran v City of Douglas and others. There are a couple of pitfalls here that you should avoid. First, if you sue you will be suing the individual piggy AND the City of Portland. Do NOT sue the PPB, they are immune.

When you sue the piggy, name him as an individual and be sure to state in your claim that he was acting under color of law. When you name the City, be certain to allege AND provide some factual basis for the claim that the City has a policy or practice fostering this behavior.

Finally, be sure that each party is served. Don't assume that individuals even though the city will pay for their attorneys are represented by those attorneys at the outset of the action. Serve them at work in accordance with Oregon law.

Most importantly, I am NOT an attorney and these opinions are mine to express as a private person. If you want an expert opinion, seek out and consult with an attorney.

Good luck and remember, if you're in this for money you will be disappointed. If you're in this for righteous retribution then go fuck them up any way you can: this is a good start.

A few thoughts on violence... 04.Apr.2010 13:52

A Portland Pig

I am a pig. I am a faithful servant of our great city. I go to work everyday looking to help make my city a better place to live and to work. I look to give people breaks. I look to help people make positive changes in their lives. I know there are cops out there who don't give breaks, who are assholes, who don't care. Most of us do care. Just as you lump all cops as pigs and murderers, we lump all you as anti-police. People who are liberal, touchy feely and don't care for authority. I am sure there are many of you guys who do respect authority, pay taxes and make your community a better place. There are also those who have had a negative experience with the police and chose to hate the police for it. Violence is not the way to get your way. Be civil and be respectful. Respect goes a helluva long way. Sit down and talk with us and we will work with you. Don't think for one second we are all murderers. Give us a chance. Be open minded. Try it, it may work.

-An open minded, public serving slice of prosciutto...

A few deeper thoughts 04.Apr.2010 16:53

someone who knows pigs

First, of all, "pig," you are not a pig. You are a cop. And as such, you are working for the enemy. What you do for a living is wrong, and you simply don't have a deep enough analysis to understand that. So you pretend to be a hero in your spiffy uniform and your shiny badge, you tell yourself you're out there to "help" people, and you think you're somehow different, or simply misunderstood.

I'm sure that's what all the peons who made "the product" out at Hanford thought, too. Blissfully and totally unaware that their unimportant little roles at "the factory" made it possible to murderously vaporize tens of thousands of people in a single moment. See, the choices you make do matter. You should be sure that you've looked at the big picture before adding your energy and labor to the machine, and you haven't. You fail to hear or to comprehend what is being said here, and you tell yourself it's all just a misunderstanding, if these "liberal touchy feely" people could just sit down and talk (you mean passively absorb your "wisdom," though, don't you?) with you then everything would be all right.

You are so, sadly, mistaken.

No. We do not care for "authority." With good reason. We don't care for the status quo either. I think you will have to do a lot more living and probably hit the books to understand that. You're so far from getting it right now that it's too much of a burden to spend my Easter Sunday writing it all out for you.

You claim that "violence is not the way to get your way." Oh, officer? Then tell me this. Why in the fuck do you carry a gun around, then? hmmmn? Why do you reserve the right to use lethal force for yourself and those like you? Why?

Respect? Tell me how you think you have earned anyone's respect. Do you really not get it? You're talking to people who have been at the other end of your jackboots and your horse's hooves and your pepper spray cannisters and even your guns for long enough. You're talking to people who KNOW you better than you know yourself. We KNOW the role you play in society, but you haven't even guessed at it yet. You're just churning along, helping to make your "product."