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Tenant Rights Project Holds Second Picket Of Downtown Portland Slumlord

Tenant Rights Project, together with community allies, on March 24 held a second picket and protest at downtown Portland nonprofit slumlord admin office, of Central City Concern, over retaliatory eviction notices, and violations of Oregon's landlord-tenant law. Activists also talked at Portland City Council before the picket.
The informational picket included housing activists, students from Reed and Willamette, and included a number of picket signs protesting recent retaliatory eviction notices against tenant activists, lack of livability and habitability in CCC housing units and buildings, and lack of transparency by the CCC board of directors.

CCC is a $33,000,000 per year landlord, with about $50,000,000 in capital projects in addition. Tenant organizers have sent three demand letters to the CCC board of directors requesting better pest control, better repairs, safety improvements to the buildings, and requesting that tenants be allowed to attend and speak at CCC monthly board meetings, held on a Wednesday evening once a month at the CCC admin office where last Wednesday's picket was held, at the corner of NW 6th and Everett streets.
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