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Everyday People Anti Police Violence Vigils held across Portland on Palm Sunday

Anti police violence vigils were held this afternoon all over the city. The Everyday People coalition stopped for short rallies and prayers at 5 different spots where lives have been lost due to the Portland Police using excessive force.
This rolling vigil stopped at where the following citizens were killed:

(1) Deontae Keller
(2) Kendra James
(3) Jahar Perez
(4) Dickie Dow
(5) James Chasse
(6) Aaron Campbell

The vigil lasted from 3 - 7 PM

I will have some video footage... soon it will be posted right here on PIMC. I did arrive minutes late at the start and missed the very first vigil ceremony

More actions and more vigils as well as State legal addressees are all coming in the very near future.
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