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Everyday People Anti Police Violence Vigils held across Portland on Palm Sunday

Anti police violence vigils were held this afternoon all over the city. The Everyday People coalition stopped for short rallies and prayers at 5 different spots where lives have been lost due to the Portland Police using excessive force.
This rolling vigil stopped at where the following citizens where killed:

(1) Kendra James
(2) Jahar Perez
(3) Dickie Dow
(4) James Chasse
(5) Aaron Campbell

The vigil lasted from 3 - 7 PM

The police arrived at the last stop which was on 128 & Sandy Blvd. They drove up and stayed in their cars (2)
At one point the numbers had swelled to over 75 people along the street

the police arrived right when the group was holding hands in a circle and were saying their last good byes
No contact was made by the police with the group ...they did turn their lights on ...their arrival was done I suspect
To alert motorists that folks were all crossing the street and were close to the traffic so their lights on and presence would provide safe crossing(s) as the groups was disbanding from the north side of the street.

Corporate Media was there from various stations through out the vigils some leaving and some arriving at different times
KBOO community radio was there at the end

I will have some video footage... soon it will be posted right here on PIMC
I did arrive minutes late at the start and missed the very first vigil ceremony

More actions and more vigils as well as State legal addressees are all coming in the very near future.

Deontae Keller too 29.Mar.2010 12:37


This vigil also recognized Deontae Keller. Joe Keller's son.

Everyday People 30.Mar.2010 16:04


As far as I know, Everyday People is a deliberately leaderless group of folks- including clergy- who are outraged at Portland's recent police shootings.

Become an Everyday Person!!

Show up to one of their rallies or events and you can learn more.