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DC Peace Of The Action Kicked out of Capital Building for trying to protest

Reporting on the Peace of the Action (POTA) attempt to go to a hearing on war funding gets nixed ...Cops follow activists and eventually stifle free speech

POTA were dogged and followed the moment they stepped on to the Capital property. They were informed they couldn't protest at all inside or it would be a federal crime and you would be put in jail overnight and not released till they seen a judge. The group was met standing in the tour line outside ...singled out with at least 5 cops informing (intimidating) them of what they were not able to do. As Cindy told them ...are you telling this to everyone or just us?.

Cindy Sheehan at one point went up some stairs and was taken to the exit immediately. One member took a picture of a cop and he demanding her to delete the picture.

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