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SirTwoSays Series searching for funding.

A tree who answers environmental questions needs your help to start animated series.
I am a writer/producer creating a stop motion animated special about a stuffy, old-fashioned tree who answers letters from adoring fans. The base audience for this series is 7-11 year olds (and certain applicable adults). The program offers lighthearted comedy antics with environmental themes. Funding is needed for production and set costs such as specialized armatures.

In addition to offering DVDs from the series, production updates and advance footage to select supporters, also available are a limited number of Seedlings(tm) - hand made tree creature magnets, as well as copies of the book which inspired the character. The book tells the story about a boy lost in the forest who meets an awakened tree and travels through an interdimensional door.

If you're interested in this project, please visit the kickstarter page or project blog.



homepage: homepage: http://sirtwosays.blogspot.com/