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Free Joel Dow

Free Joel Dow

Joel need your help! Legal team call out for witnesses! We need to gather testimony from people who were victims of the police violence on Tuesday night, or who witnessed it. Read on for details.
If you were the victim of police violence on Tuesday night, or witnessed it, we are interested in gathering info for possible testimonies. A criminal grand jury may be called to examine the charges against Joel, which is a potential chance to get the assault II dropped or changed. So again, if you have any information please e-mail freejoeldow@yahoo.com and we will get you in contact with Joel's legal team.

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Support Joel Dow Demo!

There has been a call out for a demonstration on behalf of Joel at the Multnomah Detention Center in downtown Portland: 1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland @ 3pm tomorrow- Friday March 26th! Bring signs! We have tons of fliers/pins/stickers to hand out tomorrow.
Spread the word!

In solidarity!

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Support Demo for Joel @ Multnomah County Jail!

Come out and support Joel!!

Friday, March 26th, 3p.
Multnomah County Justice Center (MCDC)
1120 SW 3rd Ave

Bring friends! Bring signs! Bring drums!
Make some noise that Joel can hear to show that we are in support and solidarity!!

Fuck the Police- For Shooting Our Fellow Citizen!
Fuck the Police- For Imprisoning Our Comrade!

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