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Benefir for Blue Mtns Biodiversity Project TONIGHT!!

Friday, March 26th
at Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave.
7:00 PM
$5- 10 asking donation. No one turned away.
Benefit for Blue Mtns. Biodiversity Project
Find out how you can spend the summer hiking & camping with us in eastern
Oregon and help save the forests in the process! Look forward to seeing
you at the benefit and in the forest!

Friday, March 26th
at Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave.
7:00 PM
$5- 10 asking donation. No one turned away.

* Ghost Town Rejects
Acoustic klezmer metal, hailing from anubis' hallowed ancient halls now in
ruins forgotten by time, Ghost Town Rejects now Hangs out,plays music and
talks shit in Pdx. You can find all of us buskin' 'round Portland, and you
should be able to hear the accordion and our howling cries cursing the
gods of this epoch and echoing off the sordid concrete from blocks away.

* Brenna Sahatjian- Riot Folk!
Local favorite Brenna plays original folk tunes involving guitar, cello,
and piano. You will know her from Tansy and Tarweed, a PDX based
anarcha-folk doom jazz quartet, but will be playing solo this time around.

* Adhamh Roland- Riot Folk!
Adhamh Roland is a guitar strummin, accordion squeezing, whistling warbler
who fancies reminiscing about the midwest while devising collective
strategies for liberation, and has toured and created with Benchpress
Burlesque (St. Louis' radical multi-gendered, sex-positive,
queer-positive, feminist feast of political performance art), The Tranny
Roadshow, as well as many bicycle powered tours totaling over 3,500 miles
of pedal-powered folk shows.

* Slideshow lecture by Karen Coulter, founder of the Blue Mountains
Biodiversity Project. BMBP's mission is to protect, defend, and restore
the natural ecosystems of the Blue Mountains and eastern Oregon Cascades
bioregions. Our efforts include proactive public education on ecological
issues, forest surveys and documentation of proposed public lands projects
(timber sales, road building, livestock grazing, herbicide and biocide
programs, etc.), training, ongoing involvement in public lands policy
management decisions, and litigation in federal courts to protect the
biodiversity and ecological integrity of the region.