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Nazi Vandalism at Reed College

The student whose door was vandalized was a moderator for the forum hosting survivors of the nazi-lead genocide.
"A swastika was painted on a Reed College student's door just three days after a panel of Holocaust survivors spoke at Reed College in a program organized by senior Leslie Zukor because she 'believed that the testimonies of Holocaust survivors are important for Reedies to hear.'" reads the first line of an article in the "Jewish Review" from March 18, 2010 ("Nazi graffiti stains once idyllic Reed"....I would link to it but I think that would result in this article getting filtered and not showing up).

Also from the article, "Zukor organized the Feb. 25 program 'The Holocaust, Memory and What We Can Learn From the Nazi Genocide,' following articles satirizing the Holocaust in The Pamphlette, a two-page weekly published by Reed College students."

The student whose door was vandalized was a moderator for the forum hosting survivors of the nazi-lead genocide.

Reed President Colin Diver has reported the incident to the police, so, um, I guess they're gonna take care of it, right?...right?

Solidarity 26.Mar.2010 08:27

bash the fash

Thanks for the info, can you keep this site posted for call-outs?


Fascist Health Care 26.Mar.2010 12:30


What do you think about the fascist health care plan?

What happened here? 26.Mar.2010 14:50

Doc 42

Did someone actually say 'fascist health care'? I suppose we -have- become blind to the truth than, eh? Like fascist food stamps, fascist Medicare, and fascist student grants.

By throwing that out there, you do your small part to undermine the social progress of the world. Health-care is not the same thing as eugenics, summary police executions, and nighttime surveillance and abduction. Could you be a little constructive here?

First U of O, now.. 27.Mar.2010 12:33


We have seen two innocent people shot to death by police, a man burned himself alive protesting animal cruelty, the business alliance and the Brotherhood of the Strong police force has cleared the bridges of homeless, all in the past few months, in the safest, most liberal city in the country. Grab your gun or head for the hills. They are not your friends.