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fishing company has physically atttacked outside protesters then called cops to have them

the owners have attacked 3 seperate times.. the cops were called different times by owners who claim that the activists arent allowed to be infront of thier building..
at present, the activist was forced to sign a no trespassing form by the seattle police and he has showed up numerous times since then with the comopany callingthe cops and the activist leaving ( while on bus the cops would show up at the offices), he goes back now and again and was caught putting a sign in the window when 2 bike cops showed up and he started running.. 1 of the cops saw him and chased him down.... after 6 cops showed up they made him sign another no trespass form and let him go.. after the cops realized he already signed a no trespass form 1 month prior they went looking for him again.. he still goes to the offices to protest but cant stay for more than 5 minutes cuz the cops are looking for him and the company calls them every time.... so any suggestions ,,  www.stopthebycatchkillers@gmail.com

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