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just a few thoughts about current events

not that I want to be apart of any group, yall kind of annoy me.
But what If enough of you were to go out and legally obtain hand guns and the permits to carry them?

Hear me out.

I know the message is always to be "anti-establishment", but why not work within the system and not fly your colors so obviously, so that you may dismantle it from within?

Arm yourself like a good ole American. As long as you stay legal with it you will have very powerful organizations behind you to protect that right, the right to defend yourself and your neighbour from harm.

You want to engage people and have them on your side so assimilate for petes sake! Does appearance mean more than your passionate ideas?

Look around the websites and comments, People see you as a threat, not as a comrade. Yall are a walking bulls eye. Scatter you dummies! Re-arm and get better camouflage! Build a bigger army because you cant take back the streets unless you win over the community first.

that is all

hope i didnt offend nobody