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Comrade Arrested at Last Nights Protest

One of our comrades was arrested last night at the protest against cops. He is currently booked at Multnomah County Detention Center.
One of our comrades on a bicycle last night is currently in Multnomah County Detention Center. His bicycle was partially run over by a pig last night, and shortly after being assaulted he was arrested and charged with 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors. Anyone with video of the incident please post here. He needs our support and his bail has added up to $259,000.


just a thought 24.Mar.2010 12:43


Erm... perhaps we should wait until we know that he has a lawyer that's he's comfortable with before making calls for stuff to happen that could have legal consequences (e.g. posting footage publically.) I presume that people are already working hard to help get him the best possible legal representation. I am amongst the many people who would appreciate hearing updates on support efforts, so thank you for posting the alert.

KOIN and the Portland Mercury blog are giving the arrestee's name as Joel David Dow. I do not know anything about his wants and needs right now, and do not want to be presumptuous. Friends may want to swing by MCDC to write him a note (understand that these are read by guards) or to put some money on his books, however.

article on mercury 24.Mar.2010 13:13


Might have video 24.Mar.2010 13:19


Battery is charging, so we don't know exactly what we have right now. Totally willing to share video with a lawyer if we have anything of value. Does the person know to contact Stu Sugarman, our local radical defense attorney?

It is standard procedure for police to arrest & charge a person they have assaulted. This is so that the person will exhaust their resources defending themselves instead of suing.

No way! 24.Mar.2010 14:41


No way they got the right person for that. The person that threw the bike was dressed in all black completely unidentifiable. I didn't recognize them. There's no way that cop that wasn't looking at them could id them. The person took off over the fence like super anarchist(remember that one, 30+ folks?) with no hands and the cop wasn't able to get off their motorcycle fast enough to pursue. They probably grabbed the first person in a mask, just to soothe their ego.

Quick question 24.Mar.2010 20:21

a friend of joels back in rochester

I saw the news article and was wanting more info on what happened and also to be kept posted of any way to help him out. I can be contacted at  atelevisedreality@gmail.com

another friend from rochester 25.Mar.2010 09:45

ben thegrievants@hotmail.com

Joel has a lot of support back in his home city. we all want to know how to help...specifically, I just want to know that he has proper legal representation at this point.
by the way, we're in the process of trying to raise some money for his bail.

support and booking details 25.Mar.2010 11:52