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the great thing about corporate media employees using twitter

They really give up any pretense of objectivity.
I checked out the twitter coverage of events tonight. Pretty dull.

KATU folks were posting stuff, but given their history ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4RYITtEpoY) how could anyone believe anything they say?

Anita Kissee tried her hand at snark, "Hey @portlandimc -- What are you "tweeting" on.... Your corporate iPhone? Your corporate blackberry? Your corporate Android?" but only showcases that she doesn't understand the difference between "using a tool" and "being a tool".

In general I think this is where social networking has led us. Everyone's biases are on full display. I think this is for the best. Perhaps in the future journalists will be taught to uphold honesty and that no one can report well on a subject or situation they don't understand.

Writing what you know serves the pursuit of knowledge. Writing what you don't know simply perpetuates ignorance.

LOL 24.Mar.2010 00:03


Actually it's a phone that was donated to me for doing Indymedia work. Haha :)
Any phone can use Twitter through text messaging. I don't even have a data plan. It's hacked so I can receive wifi like any other computer if I need internet(which you don't for Twitter). They're just jealous because the indymedia model is impossible for them to compete with. We scoop them every time on stories that are actually of importance to Portlanders. Because the news here comes from the people who experienced it.