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Late Morning Press Release

There has been another press release, saying that the man police shot had a "razor knife". Some in Portland (and there was at least one post on here to the effect) will say that the shooting was "justified". We as a community need to push the conversations about why some people can deescalate situations like this and that because cops are armed, their response is to shoot.
We need to keep this from getting brushed aside as 'justified' or 'part of the dirty work of keeping the public safe' BULLSHIT. We need to push.

More to the story? Police have no credibility 23.Mar.2010 13:03

Working Class Mama

Most Portland workers carry a razor knife in their pocket to break down boxes, open packages, cut drywall, etc at work. I carry a razor knife, a pocket knife, pliers, & other sharp tools everywhere because they are handy. Could this be justification for my murder? I have to wonder if there is more to this story. Police at first claimed that Fouad Kaady, Kendra James, Deonte Keller, James Jahar Perez, & Jose Mejia Poot had weapons. When pressed for evidence, these claims were not true. When police discovered Fouad Kaady he was also covered in his own blood scrambling toward them, reaching toward them for help. In fact, it was that very thing that caused the cop to tazer & shoot because he did not want to touch him for fear of getting AIDS from the bloody man & did not have gloves. He claimed Kaady's blood was a weapon that made him fear for his life. Jose Mejia Poot (while in a diabetic episode) simply had a small pipe he was holding that he had pulled off the wall to protect himself from further injury. Kendra James tried to drive away after a cop assaulted her in her car. They shot her because they claimed her car was a weapon when the cop wouldn't let go of her as she tried to drive away to safety. James Jahar Perez just tried to unbuckle his seat belt to get his wallet when asked for id. What about James Chasse or Aaron Campbell? Most of these people were killed in 24 seconds or less from the time the police left their squad cars.

The police have subZERO credibility. They have killed & lied & killed & lied & killed & lied for so many decades. Who can possibly believe their lies anymore?

Contract in June 23.Mar.2010 14:42


The police lost all credibility ages ago for anyone who has lived in Portland long enough to know. The issue is that the police have to be held accountable for what they have done & continue to do. Their union contract that gives them a closed door policy on firing or punishing out of control cops is up in June. It is that very policy that has allowed them to get away with it over & over despite overt racism, obvious lies about weapons, & blatant murders. This is our chance. The city has the power to negotiate the ability to fire dangerous cops this year, if we pressure them to do so. Either the government works with the People or the People will be vengeful & take justice into their own hands.

Jason Walters (the cop that killed a man yesterday) 23.Mar.2010 14:43


rumors has it that Officer Jason Walters is a 23.Mar.2010 15:08

mental lightweight

and considered by others as a bit of a DA (dumbass) and they're not surprised he jerked for his gun and fired without thinking it through. Also, rumors has it that he was once a 'roids junkie" till he wised-up
and got off 'em. If so, then the damage done by 'roids to his brain is living proof that these clowns need
to be tested and tested repeatedly for drug abuse, for delayed reactionary thinking is hallmark symptom of
steroid abuse. We need to look carefully into this killer's background and find enough to link the dots to
get the clear picture on him.