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Emergency Response to another Police Murder

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There are about fifty people currently gathered (as of 9:45pm) at Colonel Summers Park on 20th and Belmont. Community members angered at ongoing murders by police will be marching to send a message--we refuse to take it anymore. Please add details to this thread as they are known.

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Police murder in Portland, anarchists respond with vengeance

Many expected this march to be only symbolic. Few were prepared for anything more. But we encountered a collective force that amplifies the individual rather than smothering each one of us in the mass. The two who took the initiative to drag a dumpster into the street changed the history of this city. This small sign of sabotage spread. We all made it our own.

When the first little garbage containers were brought into the road, a couple people put them back on the sidewalk, trying to clean up the march, to make it respectable. They were confronted, shouted at. "This doesn't send a message," they said. "You can do that if you want, but go somewhere else," they said. But we have nowhere to go, except for the spaces we violently reclaim. And our message is unmistakable: we are angry, and we are getting out of hand. People continued to be uncontrollable, and soon those who had appointed themselves the censors of our struggle saw that it was they who were in the wrong place. No one attempted to control their participation. They were not allowed to control ours.

Once we got on Burnside Avenue, dumpsters were being turned over every hundred feet, blocking both directions. Folks had scavenged rocks and bottles and sticks and drums. One person had had the foresight to bring a can of spraypaint, also changing the history of our moment. We were no longer a protest. We were vengeance.

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Cops, Pigs, Murderers! (A Cascadia Convergence Network Communiqué)

About fifty community members angered at the ongoing murders by Portland Police gathered at the SE 47th and Burnside police precinct. On Monday March 22 at Hoyt Arboretum, yet another person was killed by the Portland police. The killing comes in wake of the recent homicide of Aaron Campbell who was shot in back multiple times at his door step by officer Ronald Frashour on January 28 2010. The enraged dissenters sent a clear message that the recent swell of police violence in the city will not be tolerated any longer. Infuriated the community members blocked traffic as they marched and tossed newspaper receptacles and dumpsters in to the streets.

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Protest happening right now at South Precinct

Portland Police kill again! March on the South Precinct!

altBeing Escorted along Burnside one angry protestor yelling at the cops.

one angry protestor yelling at the cops.
one angry protestor yelling at the cops.