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Protest happening right now at South Precinct

A group of about 20 individuals is arriving at South Precinct to protest the most recent police shooting.
There are cop cars and foot soldiers ready to meet the protest, and people have been pepper sprayed already. At one point there were about 50 protesters, with a huge police presence.

Protest has ended. 22.Mar.2010 23:18


Latest report is that the group has disbursed. No arrests reported. Mainstream media reported that the "mob was armed and violent."

SOLIDARITY N LOVE to those who went to the streets tonight. Lets keep this up!

thanks! 22.Mar.2010 23:45

wasn't there

thanks to all who went out on such short notice!

Protest demands 22.Mar.2010 23:50


The protest was demanding more information about the fatal shooting, demanding that the police union contract coming up in June include the ability for the city to fire killer cops, & generally expressing anger at the complete lack of accountability for killer cops. Also some folks expressed that cops should not exist.

Protesters were not armed &/or dangerous. Well, perhaps dangerous to the system of police abuse that killer Portland cops have enjoyed for so long...

Pepper spray? road blocks? 23.Mar.2010 01:11


I received word that there were police blockades along the march and some people may have been pepper sprayed. Is this true? Does anyone have details on whether there were any conflict with police or use of chemical agents?

KATU Corporate Media Coverage 23.Mar.2010 01:31


TONIGHT's PROTEST 23.Mar.2010 02:30

fight back

YES, the cops unleashed pepper spray. I was walking behind a cluster of folks that were sprayed (subsequently walking through the cloud of spray). At the point of the spray, about 20 cops were walking behind and parallel to the marchers, as well as about 10 surrounding cars. Cops were holding red cans of spray and one specific pig ran up to the crowd and sprayed for about 3 seconds.

The spray got into people's mouths and scarves but no one was blinded.

No one was arrested. many passerby's joined the march and there were a good amount of spectators/observers at the precinct rally.

This is just the beginning.


kill- spray- kill - oppress -kill -spray on and on -over n over 23.Mar.2010 08:35


sounds like the stupid cops want to fight

they kill

they hide behind their union

they spray and intimidate the ones who DARE to say something

if my spider sense is correct ...they wanna fight

they wont negotiate, they wont compromise, they wont quit killing

the only thing they understand is violence


they could serve their city, instead they abuse the citizens, and hurt those who DARE to rise up

i wouldnt doubt they are trying to be the baddest sickest cops in the US

i guarantee the violence by them is not subsiding - its morphing into a bigger monster

we have created a monster - it is loose in the city

Reap What You Sow 23.Mar.2010 09:04

joe anybody

when the police kill and hurt people for no reason, they loose thier community support when they kill and hurt (for a legit reason)

Im not sure if the police and some of these posters remember the the story of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? But their confidence, trust and respect is being destroyed, by their own choices and attitudes. After crying wolf ...nobody listens or believes them when they need to have people believe them!

The callus abuses that have continually happened and defended to the teeth, are causing the deterioration of any potential for respect trust and honor. The sides are being drawn.

One side says "cops can do what ever they want with impunity" The other side says "we dont want OUR cops who kill, mace, hurt people, many with no just cause to be doing this to us"

The police need to EARN back the respect, for they have lost it. Unless the police realize they are slipping backwards and want to improve their image - things will get worse than we all imagine. Whether the guy had a knife or just refused to move as quick as they wanted to. The facts remain the same . The Police Killed ANOTHER MAN IN PORTLAND.

And like the little boy crying wolf..... nobody much believes them but a few die hards, that would most likely give cart-blanch to them anyway.

Another old saying you may of heard before that this reminds me of is "Oh my god we created a monster"

Stop the senseless killings 23.Mar.2010 09:56

Officer Friendly not so friendly

Did not attend but my thanks and appreciation to all who did.
Why was the protest held at the SE precinct instead of the Central?

A Quick Reflection of Last Night's Protest 23.Mar.2010 10:17


I'm extremely proud of Portland anarchists right now, and all in all I think last night was a great success. I would encourage other folks to air whatever responses they have, too -- let's create a culture of mutually respectful critique.

Things I liked about the protest.

:: People did an amazing job of spreading the word and showing up on a VERY short notice. We had 70 people in as many minutes. Very impressive.
:: Medics, legal support, and copwatch were all mobilized -- also on very short notice.
:: People were largely supportive of each others' needs, concerns, and fears.
:: The initial gathering was very thoughtful and respectful. The facilitation was great, and people maintained a good balance between respecting the spontaneous process and pointedly voicing their critiques/concerns.

Things I didn't like about the protest.

Well, I only have one major concern: Don't throw peoples' trash cans into the street! It doesn't send any useful message, and (in this case) it served no tactical purpose. All it did was piss people off.

Please smash things. Make total destroy and all that. But think about your targets!

People respect rage. They understand it. They feel it, too. But when you dump their trash can all over the fucking street, you're creating a rift. It's totally fucking useless. Smash something useful! A police car, a bank ATM (yeah!), or a Starbucks window -- not some random person's trash bin.

Aside from that, the only thing I want to say is: next time, how about we scatter as soon as we hear the cop sirens? No point in sticking around for them to show up, right?

All in all, good job yall. Let's ride this momentum. (A) + <3

A comment reposted from AnarchistNews.org 23.Mar.2010 10:30


I just read this comment on AnarchistNews.org, and liked it a lot, so I thought I'd repost it here.

Ok so the dreamy Crimethincy rhetoric of this article is pretty goofy. But seriously I haven't seen this level of enthusiasm in Portland in 5yrs. It was a nice departure from the usual forced polite response that has caused the pigz to be worse & more blatant every year(this has been going on for decades in Portland). Hopefully it's a sign that Oregon Anarchists will soon be capable of the sort of things that we used to be. We used to bring institutions & corporations to their knees here. It was nice to see some "old soldier" faces out there too. Hopefully we can combine this experience & enthusiasm again. Just perhaps with a little more planning & strategy. The immediacy of this particular event was necessary to circumnavigate the Albina Ministerial Alliance stepping in to quiet & subdue the response as usual. Not knowing the race of the person murdered or the details of the murder was key to this. It was a political risk that the AMA couldn't match us in, being a nonprofit organization. Any people can define the struggle now. The property damage was a risk politically too & some of it was faulty. But so are most tactics. Without experience & analysis of those experiences it's hard to know what will work in any given situation. All the old templates for success are null & void. We evolved to trump their shit & they evolved to trump ours. So how do we gain knowledge & experience in this evolved environment? You get lucky, then you get smart. It's important to keep in mind that just about anything will work if we have the political will of the people. We get that by winning a few rounds & displaying political competence in our strategies. The population will go for whatever fucking works. Keep testing the fence, we'll find a weak spot eventually.

link: http://www.anarchistnews.org/?q=node/10921&asid=a34bff6a

THANK YOU 26.Mar.2010 14:54


I just watched the KATU news clip and WOW. Thank you to everyone that came out on such short notice and voiced outrage. The media sounded chastised and the police are starting to get the idea that we are watching them as much as they are watching us. It made me really proud to see our community on its feet and continuing the fight against the police state. POWER TO PORTLAND