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City Bikes Reduces Employees Hours

Comment on employee status change
I noticed that a long term employee at city bikes Collective, has had his hours reduced. It is sad because of how he has been so pleasant to work with. Richard gives customers time to figure things out, he treats them with grace and humanity, beyond just bike issues. . He also shares some of his own support/insight each time you visit the shop. If you have an old bike or new, whether you know a lot or not, he gives you the chance to learn and inspires one to care for their bike--inspiring autonomy in the individual, and honor for the invention of the bicycle universally. .There's some difficult whenever people, dedicated to a collective or community, have to subtract their time--while new projects and inspirations will surely develop in time. There's sometimes loss/loneliness in one's daily hours and work being changed---though there will be other activities and humans who appreciate one---- Having cultivated one's best intentions and dedicated one's time for the long term, it's important to acknowledge that, as I do by writing this for Richard and for all other customers and employees who enjoyed or supported his presence and work.