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a wistful thought on our engagements with little reflection as a people
happy SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY my fellows, and congradulations on a job well done suppressing the truth of a coup on 9/11 that led to two pre-emptive pre-planned wars that have killed, injured, maimed, destroyed, and continues to escalate while we shop. not getting in the streets; not corralling congress, not taking over the media, not refusing to pay taxes...you have made it effortless for the planned spasms of world domination to contract to the point that you...yes, even you, can be SWATTED like the fly they see you as and contained in a mental institution while they examine why you are "disgruntled". i understand. American Idol is on, and our God is bigger than their god, and there are so many distractions like paying bills for shit that is not yours or can be taken at whim by the pathology of printers of money. 7 years folks. keep your eyes on returning vets. the snap is coming. please discontinue this madness or i may go to the beach and drink, awaiting the bright light and blast. by the way...this is all my fault.