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Thanks to Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The fight has just begun for Single Payer
On March 17th 2010, St. Patrick shook his head and said to no one in particular, "The snakes are back in the Emerald Isle."

Congressman Kucinich fought the good fight and many "would be progressives" criticized him so much that he gave into our President's request and said, OK I will vote yes on this bill called Medical Reform. The bill should be called the great shame of the** democratic party. We had a great opportunity to show the world that we get it, and will catch up to them concerning taking care of our citizens; we are now 37th among nations concerning good, affordable health care. This new bill may move us up that list but not by very much. We have abandoned Dennis, just like we abandoned Ralph Nader, and do not listen to Sen. Bernie Sanders. Bill Press, Kos, and the rest of the cocktail liberals should go to hell. My hope is that we progressives who fought so hard for Single Payer will continue to fight and not just settle for the crumbs the leadership of the democratic party has thrown our way. The pressure must stay on until all are covered and do not have to worry about medical bills.

So to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, thank you for fighting so hard for change. We will join you in the follow up and run those who tried to stop, even this small progress in our broken health care system, out of office. There is a long list and congressman "stupidpecker" should be first on the list. The fight has just begun!

See ya in the streets.

**Refuse to cap due to Disrespect and/or disgust

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

They signed a pledge. What happened? 18.Mar.2010 09:59


I do have a lot of respect for Dennis Kucinich as well, but he did not live up to his pledge to not vote for health care reform unless it included a public option. Below are three who made that pledge. Where do they stand now? I believe DeFazio so far is not going to vote for it unless it does have the public option. I think Blumenauer gave in and now supports it. What does a pledge mean? Why bother if you are not going to honor it? I understand why people want some progress, small as it may be, but why in the world can't the Democrats who have majorities in congress, do more to achieve true health care reform? Why do they force good people like Kucinich to settle for slight improvements that still give millions more to insurance companies, mandating people to buy private insurance? What will be the effect on Medicare? Why is nothing being done to contain hospital and medical costs and insurance premiums? It's one thing to say insurance companies have to eliminate pre existing conditions, but what stops them from doubling their rates in order to do so? This is really pathetic, and I would rather see a principled no. People need to stop settling for the lesser of two evils. Fight for what you want. Frankly it is probably not possible until we have real campaign finance reform, that eliminates the massive influence of the insurance, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Granny D, we need you.

OH-10 Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich 202-225-5871
OR-03 Rep. Earl Blumenauer 202-225-4811
OR-04 Rep. Peter DeFazio 202-225-6416

Cynical View 18.Mar.2010 10:27

Den Mark, Vancouver

Cynical view, of course, is that certain Dem congressmen are allowed temporary platform for progressive causes ONLY for show, to keep liberals within the party.

Yet a cynical view is not necessarily an incorrect view. What if "debate" on Afghanistan & "debate" on public option are indeed only for show.

"Pledge"? Hmmm. Apparently the meaning of "pledge" has changed.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag . . . ," but only for a month or two.

Excellent article on the great sell out 19.Mar.2010 20:37


From Black Agenda Report:

 link to blackagendareport.com