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federal judge lets hong kong shipping oil spill off hook cuz they arent u.s. citizens

federal judge ricardo martinez let international maritime carriers "selendang ayu"" off the hook about oil spill mitigation equipment becuz they claimed they didnt have to adhere to u.s. law cuz they werent u.s. citizens....
and the affirmative action drinking and thinking mexican judge said i agree.. result ,, 2 more major oil spills in u.s. waters with stillno oil spill equipment that works... cosco busan and dubai star.. both in speaker pelosi's district...she leave enough treasonous loop holes to drive a 900 foot container ship right into the san francisco bay bridge ( crack its beam) and get off scot free.. so she can prove she is 'business friendly.............see david haines v.s. selendang ayu in the federal register... at present the law suit is in san fran at the 9th circuit court of appeals .. need protesters to hook up with cindy sheehan to point out the drinking and thinking of senator fienstein and senator boxer are also capitulant to integrity of moral continental soveriegnty.. boxer 's husband makes tens of millions off u.s. china trade deals... while we as tax payers subsidize port costs and oil spill clean up... the selendang ayu costs over 200 million.. the shipping company was only obligated up to 24 million .. even though they delayed the oil spill response for 5 months while all the while paying 5star hotel and catered food to alaska govt officials who pocketed thier daily per diem while totiing the line that things were on going.... yet, to date the equipment needed to contain spills before they do natural resource damage has not been made or paid for..... they pulled a fast one and inclueded the cost of hotel and food as part of 24 million... but actions of delay have caused failed oil spill respons in san fran when the nets needed were still not made.. even though they promised the out of work fishermen they would pay their losses and cover the material costs ... after they got a plea deal they said were off the hook... same law firm "KEESAL LOGAN AND YOUNG... USING ARGUEMENT HONG KONG SHIPPING DOESNT HAVE TO ADHERE TO U.S. OIL SPILL LAWS BECUZ THEY ARENT U.S. CITIZENS..

homepage: homepage: http://www.selendang ayu .com


ff boycottbartells@gmail.com

The #KULLUK A 60's Era contraption with a Huge Insurance Policy Never brought Pnuematic Bumpers to site of beaching during first Low Tide To refloat Ocean drill Barge Using Heavy Tugs the FLags Of Convenience refuse to pay for Going as far as fighting in courts to this day to not pay for Materials to make Impermeable COntainment nets that Isolate Toxic SPills from Furthering into Currents and Proper Tug Boats still Contracted under Jones Act Reqquirements.

Within FederalCourtCase M/V Selendang ayu v.s. david haines stiilll claiming they dont have to Fix the National Contingency Plan and the federal judges are going along with it..including 9th circuit corut of appeals where the WIndows Were Broke 9th Circuit COurt of Appeals building due to court cas being thrown out cuz 1 judge should have recused self due to conflict with Plaintiffs attorney from 1979 , result of court finding was refusing to let attorney submit evidence F.B.I>report verified jurisdiction of M/V Selendang Ayu in Seattle Due to Negligence and UNseaworthy ship that added extra 130 million pounds then lied to coast guard.

Defense lawyers miss conducted self during Deposition of WItness verifying Bering sea fishing fleet cheated 50%-81.9 % of ALL Catcher Processor Fleet Caught Crab to make up for Domestic Market Repaced by Foreign Crab where no OiL spILL continued for over 10 months ......

Second federal Judge in Alaska refused to Re direct only witness that could verify in fact he cheated 2 different crews of workers out of cerrtain amount of pounds as favor to wall st secret shareholders of 4 secret companies and thier non workers.Claiming Ownership of OCEANS Bounty while theiving 60% of all fish and 50 % of crab without paying any workers and getting capital gains tax break off what they stole.---baranofcourageous.com

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