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Might: Not just for the Right

On 4/4/10 Portland area shooting groups from diverse political directions will meet to talk, drink and dance at the Plan B Bar in Southeast.
On Sunday evening, April 4th, American Gun Culture Report, the region's only independent gun politics magazine, is sponsoring an evening get together with shooting groups active in Portland. This is the first time such a gathering has been attempted in Portland and is billed to attract a variety of activists who support the entire Bill of Rights, including the 2nd.

Participating organizations include the Portland Pink Pistols, local chapter of the national gay gun club, Reed College's gun club, the Reed Shooting Sports Kollectiv (RSSK), and the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) whose founder Kevin Starrett will be appearing. There is no admission, but donations for the Oregon Firearms Federation's Legal Defense Fund are encouraged.

The Plan B Bar in SE Portland is our hosting venue and this event kicks off at 7pm. Each group will present on their activities as well as offering tabling and information sharing. Later in the evening, we will turn this gathering into a dance party with DJ No. 6 playing a setlist of gun themed music. 

So, mark your calendar and get ready to tip back a few beers and dance to Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and The Clash with the rest of Portland's shooting community. 

Plan B is located at 1305 SE 8th Portland OR 97214

For more information see www.AmericanGunCultureReport.com

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