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Lone Vet Report
It has been a busy few weeks and, I attended the Citizen Review Committee (CRC) forum concerning the death of James Chasse, Jr. and other cases including the latest outrage; the shooting of Aaron Campbell (in the back) by a police officer last January. The forum was at PSU and was well attended given it was held on Sunday afternoon. Joe-Anybody was there and will have video of the two hours of citizens expressing their concern, outrage and anger of what happened and why. There is a picture of my anger in the Oregonian,
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Not too happy with the picture of Joann and I but it is the Oregonian.

We will continue our protest/vigils at City Hall, (Aaron Campbell) and at the 9th Circuit Court, (bybee impeachment. ) It would be good for you to join us, we do get a little tired and could use some new jokes. So,

Wednesday---City Hall-0900
Thursdays--- Pioneer Courthouse-high noon

The Multnomah County Democratic Party welcomed me to their debate. On one side we had the ex-governor John Kitzhaber and on the other Bill Bradbury and in the middle, Karl Wolfson. The debaters requested that they be called John and Bill; it was to be a friendly exchange of ideas and the stand-out of the three was Carl. If I had to cast a vote, Carl would have received mine. I left after about 90 minutes into the debate, my body said go home and rest, I always listen to what my body tells me.

I wore my yellow shirt with:

I walked around the conference room with about 100 dems looking at my shirt and wondering what/why I was causing them to think when they just came to listen to their guys spout generalities that sounded good but will never happen. John, the ex was more polished than Bill the rider, but it seems easier to like Bill.

Carl did ask one question about Aaron Campbell and it went something like this: "Do you think that the state should do more in certifying police officers, and how do you think we could do better?" (paraphrasing) John the ex did much better, he was concerned and thought that training etc should be looked at, Bill lost me here. Bill the rider, did not seem to know what happened here in Portland only a few months ago or what has been going on over the years, he was concerned that people were saying bad things about the cops? I left soon after this and walked pass the "Cocktail Liberals" with my shirt and looked straight into their eyes with my angry face. It was worth the trip and a few, including Carl did say they liked my shirt. I think it is important for us to go to these things even if we are outsiders and feel the resentment for being there—too f—king bad!

We will be at the City Council at 0900 on Wednesday to take our place outside and inside the chambers to keep Aaron's name in their face. Pass the word, we welcome all.

I will take part in Saturday's parade (the 20th) but do wish they would have a real protest instead of walking around in circles and being good. But what the hell!

Joe-Anybody is on his way to DC, our friend and brother Malcolm is already there and others will be in the City on the "Ant Hill." Stay safe Cindy, Dave and all you wonderful humans who risk so much for the rest of us. I wish to be with you, but my health will not allow it.

Stay safe and keep a sense of humor, see ya in the streets!

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

VIDEO: 2 video clips 16.Mar.2010 19:38

Joe Anybody

2 part video of the meeting

Part 1

 link to www.archive.org
Part 2

The CRC -The Police Review public meeting open forum, filmed at the PSU campus in Portland Oregon on March 14 2009. This meeting opens with public comments and ends with a few words from each committee member.