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Family of Fouad Laddy Receive Settlement

I just heard that the family of Fouad Kaddy received 1 million in settlement from Clackamas County.
How can the police from Clackamous County not be fired and punished for killing a young armed man when they are paying 1 Million to the family of the boy they murdered. BUT the police can still roam the streets with a gun and badge supposedly to be protecting us.

Whoops! Please fix or erase! 15.Mar.2010 22:46


Fouad Laddy should be Fouad Kaddy and he was UNARMED not armed. Sorry, just trying to post this fast as I saw it was not on Indy yet.
Thanks :)

Why! 16.Mar.2010 10:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

So, craig roberts was prepared to make "a vigorous defense". He's spouting bullshit, now that the case is over. Again & again & again & again, Clackamas County sheriff's office has proven itself incapable of hiring decent officers. WHY, o Clackamas County people, do you continue to tolerate craig's incompetence!

settlement for Fouad's family 26.Apr.2010 17:09


It will never bring Fouad back. But it pretty much proves the police were wrong.
I hope this helps his family to cope with this great loss. I can't even imagine what they've gone through or will in the future. All the memories of him......