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Reforming Police brutality

Oregonians are calling for our state attorney general John Kroger's resignation for failure to enforce a new law titled: Law Enforcement Officers Use of Physical and Deadly Force, Senate Bill 111 mandated to be in full force July 1, 2008.
Mon Mar 15, 2010

Great Day!

Stop The Press!!!!


Our organization, Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board helped John Kroger get elected AG as he said he supports our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.  We received two letters from Kroger thanking us for his win in the primary and general elections with over one million votes, as we endorsed his race with mass e-mailing.  Kroger let us meet with one of his staff in one meeting and that was the only support he gave our board.  We have requested for him to discuss, publicly debate this issue at Lewis & Clark Law College were he was a professor but he refuses to speak with us on this matter.  We requested Kroger to resign as he is now in violation of Oregon Senate Bill 111 with our program attached to stop police brutality.  Would Aaron Campbell be alive today had Kroger kept his word?  Campbell was not physically attacking anyone when he was shot dead in the back while unarmed and following police commands, as our program mandates lesser force must be used in this type of incident.  Contact Kroger's office and demand he resign.    Many thanks.....Jerry Atlansky


Subject: Top Oregon Government Officials failure to comply to the "full implementation" of Oregon Senate Bill 111 Deadly Physical Force by Law Enforcement Officers, started a federal criminal investigation for their non-actions of not protecting the public from police brutality.

Recently we sent two letters to Gov. Kulongoski requesting that he replace John Minnis, Director of Oregon Dept. of Public Safety, Standards & Training, as he was forced to resign his position due to two charges against him, with an executive that will start our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

This program was created by our organization and The Oregon State Senate attached to the Senate Bill 111, our testimony, three amendments, our program with a strong case of how dire the state of systemic challenges of "non-law enforcement" is for officers committing police brutality with 34 affidavits listed as J,K,L.

Gov. Kulongoski had his staff send us a form letter that he may respond in the future on our request.  For the public that are not aware of our program Google: Truly Reforming Law Enforcement. The Oregonian Newspaper has our program details on the Google site.

The last seven year national report on "police brutality" shows how much worse the public is getting maimed for life and unjustified homicides, and with the nations largest police union with 300,000 members have requested new policies as we have provided.  Google for full details: Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007.

To read our documentation attached to the Oregon State Bill 111 that was passed in 2007 and mandated to be in full force by July 1, 2008 Google: Jerry Atlansky & click on the second page where it reads, Senate Bill.

WE THE PEOPLE, of The Great State of Oregon do hereby denounce "brutality and welcome civility" from all our law enforcement bureaus, and ask you to contact the governor to mandate his actions to honor his oath of office and all the laws of our land by starting the peoples program.

Thanks so much for your concern, time and action and here is the governor's Citizens Representatives Liz Kiren 503-373-1027 to show support of the program Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

Future success,

Jerry Atlansky-Chairperson
Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board
1901 NE 64 Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97213
 jmatlansky@gmail.com   24/365
503.490.4433   9 to 5 P.M. Mon-Fri