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Protest the TriMet board chairman

TriMet is planning to cut 60 bus routes and raise fares to subsidize light rail and fix a $27 million budget shortfall.

With billions wasted maintaining an overseas empire and bailing out banks, surely there is enough money for bus service!

Let's support the Transit Riders Union and their push for a TriMet board ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. The governor appoints the board in secret and for the last 13 years (!) George Passadore has been chairman.

Who is George Passadore?

He is the former regional president of Wells Fargo Bank and now owns Cambridge Properties (NW 14th & Marshall). He also has a large hot rod collection (4444 SE 15th) while ordering bus service cuts and fare hikes.

Let's picket his properties until the mayor and city council support a transparent TriMet board.