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Calling all trouble makers-- What are you doing this March 19th?

Let's get boogey with it y'all!
March 19th, the seventh anniversary of the Iraq War, is nearly upon us. The US military is still occupying the country, contractors and mercenaries continue their charade, and with an embassy the size of the Vatican, there are clearly no real plans to leave.

Not that any of this is new or surprising, but just in case you don't have anything planned, I have a few helpful suggestions. Do with them as you wish:

1) Talk to your closest comrades or affinity group about the simple possibility of taking to the streets.

2) Pass out a few of the nonspecific fliers attached here to as many people as you trust, and agree on a time and place to meet.

3) Take the fucking streets and hold them for as long as possible with the rage of empowered resistance!

--Or don't, just thought I'd bring up the possibility.

It's pretty easy, really. All it takes is talking to a few people, Take this opportunity to confront the state in your own community. Remember, "the act of rebellion defines itself."

( http://colorado.indymedia.org/files/Cocktail%20party%205.jpg)
( http://colorado.indymedia.org/node/2851?nocache=1)