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Experimental Testing of the Unified Field Theory

Towards a new green energy future


According to most conservative estimates, 'peak oil' (the time when oil production goes into terminal decline) will occur sometime around 2030, which means that politicians must start doing something about the problem right now. The Obama Whitehouse has made the decision that the fuel source of the future will consist of a proliferation of nuclear power plants, since none of the 'green energy' solutions can deliver the four quadrillion joules of energy the world currently requires, a large portion of which is now supplied by burning fossil fuels. This will leave the world to deal with the as yet unresolved problem of dealing with the extremely toxic long lived radioactive sludge which is the by product of this method of energy production.

Obama moves to back nuclear power ... "President Barack Obama announced $8.3 billion US in loan guarantees on Tuesday to help build the first U.S. nuclear power plants in nearly three decades, a move he says "is only the beginning." Obama said the move toward nuclear power had to be made to meet America's energy needs..."

Those who are opposed to this plan are then faced with the prospect of 'protesting', because this would seem to be the only available option. However this would the Don Quixote strategy (tilting at windmills and becoming exhausted while accomplishing nothing at all) for when the majority of the population are faced with the prospect of nuclear or going back to rubbing two sticks together they will support the nuclear option en masse, given that they were offered no other alternative other than the collapse of modern society as we know it.

I have decided that the best way forward is to apply a veto to this political decision, doing so by targeting the wallets of potential investors in this technology, by holding over their heads the prospect of losing every single dime and going flat broke for having suffered from such a severe case of scientific myopia that they were actually foolish enough to invest in a very soon to be obsolete technology, such as nuclear energy. As the saying goes, 'money talks', and so therefore targeting wallets is the most effective means of applying a line item veto to this particular political policy.

Now talk is cheap, and so action must follow upon words, and the way that this particular veto must work is that the Unified Field Theory must be brought to bear upon the task of developing a totally new and very green energy source. Given that the Unified Field Theory is currently not accepted by our sciences, this will turn out to be an energy source that no one ever considered before, such a source of new green energy having been unheard of before this time.

The LHC Experiment

The following is a brief discussion of the predictions generated by the Unified Field Theory and describe what we would expect to see from this device in the future if the theory is valid.

I first draw your attention to the You-tube video of what I am calling the 'zero-G' frog experiment. You can watch the video by clicking the following link. Floating Frog

What happened is that the frog was enveloped in a strong magnetic field, and this generated an effect equivalent to the creation of a pocket of zero-G. The frog is floating in the same way that a frog would float if taken on board the International Space Station or on a flight to the moon. Now there are those who call this the 'maglev frog' and therefore, they insist that what we see here is not a genuine zero-G frog but a clever simulation of a zero-G frog. Apparently the simulation of zero-G requires the employment of electromagnetism and given that there is no 'Unified Field Theory' and gravity is therefore a special force field all to itself, this is not a real zero-G frog, but rather a simulated zero-G frog.

The interpretation of the Unified Field Theory is as follows. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might as well be called a duck. I am the Unified Field Theorist and for that reason I am perfectly content to accept simulations of zero-G frogs just so long as in every respect it is exactly similar to a 'genuine' zero-G frog, whatever that is supposed to mean.

We are told that E equals MC squared. Momentum is the description of an energy state while 'conserved momentum' is the description of an energy field. When energy becomes bound with some 'mass field' ('matter') the matter now has this conserved momentum and we know that 'anti- gravity' is exactly equivalent to 'conserved momentum' for if you want to 'simulate' anti-gravity by firing some rocket out into space you only need to increase the 'conserved momentum' of that rocket and the result is to generate 'gravitational repulsion'. Now someone might want to correct me on this point once again by pointing out that the rocket was being pounded in an equal and opposite way by bazillions of small gas mallets, thus thumping the rocket in the equally and opposite direction, and so on and so forth, but really the rubbing two sticks together and the pounding with some mallet is redundant and it is the conserved momentum which is important. If you could ditch the two sticks and the mallet and generate this 'conserved momentum' by rubbing two turnips together the end result would be the same. You had conserved momentum which was an adequate 'simulation' of 'anti-gravitational propulsion' and so you wound up in space by rubbing turnips together.

Therefore, since it is conserved momentum which is important here, and equally opposite mallet pounding is the redundant element here, it just logically follows that the way to generate a pocket of 'zero-g' or even a pocket of 'repulsive g' would be to generate an extremely powerful electromagnetic field, which would then wrap such a propulsive device in energy, which would then be interpreted as 'conserved momentum' and the result would 'anti-gravity' or 'propulsion'.

It would appear that the Large Hadron Collider is the device which will test the hypothesis of the Unified Field Theory. Given that E-MC2 and given that momentum is just an energy state, and given that the field is a Unified Field (the fundamental assumption of the UFT) it therefore logically follows that wrapping a mass in a sufficiently powerful electromagnetic field will suffice as a momentum energy field, there being no real difference between these different manifestations of the one energy field, it all being just energy of the same kind. Therefore the powerful magnets of the LHC (the most powerful scientific device ever constructed) are generating upward momentum (a strong repulsive field force). This force then snapped the floor bolts which caused the catastrophic accident which damaged the collider after it was first fired up over a year ago.

In the images of damage to the collider magnets, you can see clear evidence of upward momentum being responsible for the accident.

One of the repairs made to the LHC during the year it was down for repairs was to install more bolts to securely fashion the magnets to the floor plating. Now given that the upward momentum still remains, what this means is that the additional floor bolts will probably be sufficient to keep the device anchored, but the result will be stress in the form of abnormal heat production (the mechanical stress will heat the bolts and the floor plating resulting in an anomalous temperature rise in the device). This is consistent with the most recent shutdown over a weekend in the beginning of March, 2010, when the collider was shut down for repairs on its 'faulty coolant system' after the heat alarm on the device was triggered resulting in a computer controlled emergency shut down of the device. The LHC is superconducting, and is kept at about 1.7 Kelvin (just above absolute zero). If the device reaches a temperature of even 8 or 9 Kelvin the superconducting field will collapse and the entire device would be destroyed as the massive energy charge melted the magnets. Therefore the machine is designed to 'quench' which means that in under ten seconds all the energy stored in the magnetic coils can be dumped. The recent computer triggered heat warning followed by a quench was blamed upon 'a faulty and overly sensitive computer algorithm' although the filters in the coolant system were also replaced at the same time just in case maybe that was the problem.

At the beginning of April, 2010 the device will go from 25 percent power at present, to 50 percent power, which should then result in even more anomalous heat production from those stressed bolts, and more quenching. One simple and cheap experimental test of the Unified Field Theory would be to install temperature probes on the bolts and floor plating during the planned upgrade of the device in the year 2011.

The first results of the LHC have been published and indicate a momentum anomaly of around 10 to 15 percent. The production of this heating in the bolts indicate that the LHC has become a primitive power generator, and apparently some of this excess energy (supplied by the earth's momentum field-the one field described by the UFT is the universal momentum field) is also being transmitted to the particles in the accelerator. With any luck the increase in this form of energy production by the device will be an exponential function. The short explanation for this new form of energy production is that the Unified Field Theory requires the existence of 'centrifugal force' (such a force is held to be a myth by our current sciences, for gravity is a one way force field, and thus capable of producing only 'centripetal force' which the public misinterprets at times as being 'centrifugal force'). This upward force on the LHC is an example of this centrifugal force, which is also affecting the particles in the beam, which then causes a change in the spiral path such particles follow in such an accelerator, with the end result being that, through a complex interaction between field manifestations of this momentum field the beam particles are engaged in a maneuver very similar to the flyby effect that NASA uses as a substitute for costly rocket fuel when accelerating spacecraft for long space flights.

According to the Unified Field Theory, centrifugal force is also responsible for the moon spiraling upwards in orbit (the ideal orbital position of the moon is higher than the current orbit, and since transfer of momentum is quantized, the moon must be slowly and steadily pushed into a higher orbit, for all energy fields are density fields where everything has its proper place. One of the unique aspects of this particular force is that we can see a physical manifestation of this upward pushing force in the form of two tidal bulges on opposite sides of the earth. The reason for this double manifestation of the tidal bulge is that field equilibrium requires constant field balancing to keep the energy distribution in its proper state and so as momentum is transferred to the moon it is also on the move throughout the earth to maintain a proper energy distribution. Therefore we should expect that if a pool of water or perhaps mercury were to be placed on the exact opposite side of the earth from the Large Hadron Collider such a pool would experience a 'tidal bulge' with the effect equivalent to that centrifugal force being exerted to push up the collider on the opposite side of the planet. What this suggests is that transfer of momentum from field to field occurs when a high orbital object is moved through a low orbital path which then results in the generation of this centrifugal force and a push transfer of momentum (both the moon and the spacecraft doing the flyby maneuver gain momentum as part of this process, and this will prove to be the correct explanation for the anomalous power generation in the LHC).

I am preparing a more detailed discussion, but I am also very busy, and so I will post a link to this graphics laden and rather long discussion sometime in the next week or two.

The following is a link to an earlier summary which I am in the process of expanding upon and replacing.

homepage: homepage: http://www.awitness.org/unified/pages/new_physics.html