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Fundamentalists Continue To Support Apartheid

Fundamentalist Christians continue to pay tribute to an apartheid state.
The greatest extremist danger today comes from fundamentalist Christians. These people are threatening nuclear war against Iran and pushing our government towards continued aggression in Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yeman, Lebanon, and Iraq. Meanwhile, the slow motion annihilation of Palestine grinds on. Desmond Tutu famously said conditions in Palestine are "far worse" than anything he witnessed in Apartheid South Africa.

The obsession with religion is a deliberate cover for ongoing, government-subsidized, worldwide criminality. Indeed, recent polling indicates that the vast majority want Israel ethnically cleansed in the event of a 'peace deal'. Israeli leaders should be held responsible for the multitude of crimes committed by that country.

Each and every day, fundamentalist Christians pay tribute to the nuclear-ready Zionist State via taxation and unwavering diplomatic and military assistance. These subsidies have been going on without interruption for generations. And no level of Israeli cruelty causes their cessation.

Oh, really 16.Mar.2010 13:24


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