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stop the bycatch killing

local seattle based fishing companies tipping the scales of oceans policy towards the level of genocide.. stop the bycatch  killers...www.info@baranofcourageous.com
there is not enough government observors on the bering sea fishing fleet...(catcher/processors)
when they go to sleep the company cranks up the reel bringing in the catch..when they catch untargeted fish they kill it or stab it or allow it to reel right into a steel wall that ripps the hooks that has been swallowd right out of the fishes mouth... when the fish is stunned the birds peck at it till it dies and sinks.this is a violation! the companies are supposed to document everything they catch but they interpret thelaw to their advantage claimingthat )even though its already attached tothier line), if they get the bycatch off their hooks before it passses the threshold of theier railing they DONT HAVE TO COUNT IT . when this happens repeatedly in a particular fishing hole they are supposed to move to a different location .. becuz they knock it all off they stay and destroy the fishing hole.... this company has already called the cops and had me detained for protesting thier busines practices.....the fact is,, when thier is to much by catch killing the killers whales have to eat the sea lions... when they try to protect the sea lions in bering sea they dont enforce the bycatch abuse that tips the scales into a food chain panick... to participate in a protest at n.o.a.a. regardingmore observors needed and at the alaska crab coalition and at the freezer longline coalition and at romanzof fishing and akulurak seafoods ..email the below adress.......