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Contemporary Autonomist Politics - 25 March @ Red and Black Cafe

On Thursday March 25th, 7pm come to the Red and Black Cafe to join two AK Press authors and autonomists for a discussion of current politics.
A Exploration of Contemporary Autonomist Politics

Thursday, March 25th at 7PM

Red & Black Café
400 SE 12th avenue (at Oak)

An evening with Autonomedia, Minor Compositions and the Team Colors Collective.

Join us for an evening with two autonomist authors and organizers from Portland and London in exploring contemporary politics, the continued imposition of work, current struggles in the University and elsewhere, militant and co-research, and in celebrating the release of their recent books. In the U.S. and across the planet struggles against enclosures, the dismantling of the University, for public and community space, against "the endless imposition of work", and against a form of life that is increasingly precarious - are currently taking place. By "reading" these and neighboring struggles we seek to create a world in which many worlds fit. A discussion on these issues and other topics will follow short talks.

"This is Forever" is a discussion series based in Bluestockings Books (NYC) and currently expanding to other cities around the United States - www.thisisforever.org

Event presenters:
Stevphen Shukaitis | Autonomedia / Minor Compositions. Shukaitis is the author of the recently book Imaginal Machines: Autonomy and Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life (Minor Compositions, 2009), an editor at Autonomedia and lecturer at the University of Essex. He is the editor (with Erika Biddle and David Graeber) of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization (AK Press, 2007). His research focuses on the emergence of collective imagination in social movements and the changing compositions of cultural and artistic labor. www.autonomedia.org & www.minorcompositions.info.

Kevin Van Meter | Team Colors Collective. As member of the militant research collective, Van Meter has been involved in editing the collectives forthcoming collection Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States (AK Press, 2010), co-authoring Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible (Pamphlet, 2010), and has participated in radical community organizing initiatives for more then a decade. www.warmachines.info.

Copies of Imaginal Machines and Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible will be available at the event.

homepage: homepage: http://www.warmachines.info