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Monthly Bark Field Trip

On this Bark-About we will spend our time in the new Airstrip Timber Sale.
This sale is brought to us by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and would log 277 acres, including 48 acres of clearcut.
On this hike we will learn about the interconnections of the plants and critters that reside here and how logging disrupts that process. We will discuss the ecological functions of the forest, explore how we are a part of that ecosystem and learn how to develop relationships with the land. Through his volunteer work with Bark, longtime hike leader Gradey Proctor found new ways of perceiving and connecting to this place we call home, and he looks forward to sharing some of these exercises with you.

Details on what to bring and where to meet can be found at the Bark website

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org