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Call for General Strike 10/29/10

A movement to build for a national general strike in October 2010! Time to take power back from the few to the many for justice!!!
There are growing murmers going on now to push for general strikes as a form of public outrage and demand for change by the people (since we know our government "officials" win office by bribery backed up by the US Supreme Court's decision last month).

History of stikes have marked the rise of a better life for people who have been treated as cannon-fodder for waging wars against third world peoples and as slave labor to make rich men RICHER without regard for the environment that has no rights under laws.

That is why a CALL TO GENERAL STRIKE on October 29,2010 is the day to mark on your calendar for OUR day of action!!! Please promote this event and let friends know about it. There is a page on FB for those who are on it and want to spread the word (that is where I heard about it).

Today in Greece more than 10,000 Greeks marched thru the streets taking part in a 24 hr. general strike... THOSE FOLKS MEAN BUSINESS!!! Let's follow their lead!!!