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Missing hiker/activist was organizing against Wal-Mart

I'm a friend of Kate's who just wanted this community to know that the woman missing at Table Mountain used this site for organizing and learning.
I'm full of grief, not sure where to channel it, but I want people to know more about the kind, energetic woman who is missing from the Columbia Gorge. I left moved away from Portland almost two years ago, but I've stayed in touch with her, and know that she was extremely interested in doing everything possible to keep Wal-Mart out of her northeast portland neighborhood. She posted here twice recently to find people to collaborate with and do research, and enlisted her dad to help her explore legal avenues. She dreamed of global justice and was working hard to create it. Please let her warmth, humor, and energy inspire those of you who also work toward this goal.

we do appreciate the info 11.Mar.2010 07:59

Ben Waiting

I wish I could say more, but I am at loss for words

~in peace