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Not willing to provide personal information to the government

2010 census forms are on their way.
I received a notice today in the mail informing me I would soon be receiving my census form within approximately one week. What a waste of postage,time,ink and paper to tell you something is on its way! It went on to say how important it is for everyone who receives a form to fill it out and return it. It promises the results will be used to help everyone receive their fair share of government funding for schools,highways,medical facilities and other programs needed in their neighborhood.I would like to go on record as saying I don't believe a word they say.I have come to the conclusion the government is not my friend.They are not the problem solvers they claim to be ... they ARE the problem.
I for one have no intention of providing them with any information other than how many people reside at this address,if I even give them that much.In today's age of high tech I am almost certain everything is available to them by a simple click of a computer.Why should I help the enemy who only delivers empty promises.
So my question is what happens to those households or individuals who refuse to take part in this invasive survey?