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VIDEO: Police Relations & Human Rights (out-take 2.17.10)

2 separate 10 min out takes from the last meeting between the Portland Police & The Portland Human Rights Police Relations Committee.
(pretext stops / profiling and civil rights)
Part 1

Part 2

These two video clips are from an outtake from the longer video (link at bottom) of a PPB Lt. from the East precinct speaking.
The one point I noticed and have a concern about is his discussion of stopping and searching folks, when no crime has been committed. (?)

I noticed that no one took note of the discussion about "pretext stops" or his explaining on how or why it is being done. To me this is a very slippery slope, when trying to improve relationships with the people in this city and our police officers.

Explaining why the police have stopped someone, should go with out saying.
Having more training also goes with out saying.
It's good to see the acknowledgment of these issues.
But we need to look deeper.

In the beginning of tape 2 the video starts in on the aspect of searching people to get better hit rate results.
I am from the school that people have a right to privacy and should "Not be searched" with out probable cause.
But when I listen to this I start to see that "Rights" "Privacy" and "liberty & freedom" are not being protected....
In fact they are being challenged skirted, and made to look like its all in a "day's work of stopping crime.

The odd part of this was no one challenged this (sic) pretext stop, in the room.
I think it is slipping under the radar

To have the police, inform someone that they want to search or want to look around is fine, in the event that a crime is being committed or is happening, or if there is "probable cause"
But if they are being searched for say: the way they dress, walk, hair style or color of skin, etc, is not acceptable, nor legal and I have a problem hearing that it happens with justification

The officer thinks that if a person doesn't make eye-contact and then quickly heads to a driveway or doorway ... is criminal?
To me I understand what the police may be thinking ...but if I don't want to look at a cop or want to go away ...I should not be treated as if I am a criminal ...nor should I be "grilled" or asked to give up my liberty, or tricked or put through the ringer, all based on a "hunch" or a feeling.

There is an interesting video just released on YouTube about "pretext" stops and making quotas for arrests in NY City. (It's on corporate media as well.)

(Although this particular video clip is more in regards to "Making Ticket Quotas) The similarity is - That video describes folks being "hassled" with "Crime Stopping Accusations" (which) violate freedom & liberty of the innocent city folks in NY.

To me the video of the NY officer describing stopping people for no reason, and then hearing the Portland Officer discuss the same tactic...I could not help but notice the similar thread of searching (fishing) for crimes ....when no crime is obvious nor being committed. (This opens the BIG door to racial profiling and profiling in general)

I believe this is called a "pretext" stop in the police terminology

I think doing this to citizens in the community will ruin anything good that the police / community relations are working for.
And explaining to (me) why I should give up my rights as mentioned by the PPB Lt. is not going to make the relationship any better.

Tricking me into allowing my freedoms to privacy & my pursuit of happiness" to be circumvented is not going to make me tolerant to police inquiry when there is real crimes happening, nor make me appreciate the questioning.

Stopping me for how I look or where I am standing (a recent high profile arrest here in Portland was for this) ...is fishing for a crime..... I have a problem with this type of tactic and I wonder when it will register on the Human Rights Police relations board that this is not the way to have a relationship with the police.

I want them to "protect my civil rights" ...not strong arm, intimidate, or trick me into giving up my rights!

Pretext stops (profiling) and quotas are not what I want in Portland.

I want my civil rights protected and respected. And in doing so the community / police relationships will improve as we respect the laws of the land, the constitution, and the bill of rights, in this city "Together"

The two video outtake were from the 2.17.10 public meeting for Portland Police Relations & The Human Rights Commission that I filmed, and can been seen here on Archive .org:
 link to www.archive.org

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