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Native History which gets lost

The point of sharing this is that the past teaches us things which are eternally relevant. What we call "primitive" we do always at our own detriment. For what its worth, simplicity is sometimes more powerful and can over come the complicated. What we are taught to value, we are taught to value it like an ideology. When the planet changes around us by our own "technology" we cherish, the lesson we least want to hear is that it is our belief in the technology, not the object itself which brings harm.
The point is to not just "honor" native peoples whatever that means. The point is to recognize not only the wrongness but the implications of the act being done. The deed of destruction of the control and destruction of human beings is what we face now- this is just the same as it was when this nation started. I do think karma is an issue- not because karma is magic but because when good people are destroyed there's more bastards around. The lies we tell ourselves to justify our incursion on this land are karma too- seeing stupid things as superior blinds us from seeing the power of the simple to overcome the complicated. Life isn't as simple as what we've been taught. As most of us are part of this invading army of insanity, let us reflect on whether we can free ourselves from the insanity which brings the destruction, the ideas and lies we've been taught and the idea that only one human culture matters in this world. Diversity is strength, sharing of cultures means cross pollinating ideas.

The price to be paid by a conqueror is that his love for himself and his ideas blinds him from the possibilities out there that lie beyond himself. This narcissism that leads to his acts of violence requires more narcissism to justify them. The Greeks had a story about a man who fell in love with his reflection and died from it- this is the lesson of the United States.

On this note take some time to learn things which easily get lost. One strong asset is ideals. Even the roots of these ideals get lost. Unity is more than an idea, it is strategy. Unity is just an example. The success and progress of any people has its roots in finding ideas and ways of surviving outside oneself. Even "primitive" peoples in emulating animals were learning new strategies for moving in the world, hunting, dancing and surviving. Ethnocentrism is more than just immoral- it is terminal. In that spirit, I've believed in my entire life that doing good brings good. This was sort of an idea circulated amongst my friends and I've found it to be true. Therefore the more you commit yourself to helping others, the more they have to teach you.

In this spirit here's some history lessons. One is about a leader who led the most deadly attack on the U.S. army and the idea he started that a more famous person took up fervently. This man was so powerful a leader his enemies wanted desperately to think he was white.