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Regarding Portland Community Media

After reading the post about PCM's trouble with funding I took the author's suggestion and contacted the city commissioners. This is the reply I received from Amanda Fritz
Dear ---

Thank you for your message. Portland Community Media is an independent non-profit that receives receives (on average) approximately 80% of its funding from the City of Portland via the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission. It also receives private funding, and the staff and board have been working to increase that income - see  http://www.pcmtv.org/?q=about/ourSupporters. The 80% of PCM's funding that comes from the City of Portland through the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission has been relatively stable with slight increases over the last few years. For example funding in 2007-08 was $1.432 million, in 2008-09 it was $1.521 million while the current year funding is $1.571 million.

All City of Portland bureaus and partner agencies that do not perform public safety work (Police, Fire, and 9-1-1) are being asked to make 4% cuts in the coming fiscal year. The Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management has had to identify 4% cuts. My office is working with the Office of Management and Finance, the City Attorney's Office, and the Cable Office to ensure that Portland Community Media receives a lesser cut in the upcoming Fiscal Year, at 2.8%. The City faces a $24 million shortfall due to decreased business license tax revenue and increased community service needs because of the recession. While I will work to ensure the least cut possible for PCM, I cannot ask other worthy community organizations and programs to take even greater cuts to hold PCM harmless.

I greatly value the outstanding work being done by PCM's board, staff, volunteers, and participants. I urge you to continue to work together to seek additional community resources, sponsorships and grants to supplement City funds. Please contact my policy advisor Tim Crail if you have further questions in this regard. I appreciate your partnership in helping Portland Community Media continue to succeed.


Amanda Fritz
Commissioner, City of Portland

If the city budget is going to cut them (and other departments) short, it's up to us to help keep them going, I made a donation to PCM this morning & I encourage everyone else (that can) to do the same...