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Hurt Locker versus Avatar

Is Hurt Locker winning the Oscar a right wing reaction to Avatar?
I was surprised that Hurt Locker won an Oscar, war movies like that don't typically make much impact at Oscar time. I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't a reaction to the presence of Avatar and it's unfiltered anti corporate greed message. Hurt Locker was the typical war movie of today, focusing on the "heroism" and "bravery" of american soldiers, you know "angels of mercy" just trying to save live not stormtroopers of the empire whose purpose is to violently maintain america's strategic interests overseas. I actually found Hurt Locker to be very entertaining, it was slick and well paced, a nice professional product. Avatar was slick and well paced also, fantastic visuals but the derivative and predictable script kept it from being emotionally engaging. However, I was not offended by Avatar, unlike Hurt Locker, Cameron's script, despite it's flaws, did not patronize the audience with a politically sanitized story. Corporations do what corporations do, soldiers do what soldiers do - they take what they want and kill to get it. That's the real world folks. Avatar may be a fantasy but it's parallel to what is really happening in this world, except the ending of course, the reality is victories for the natives are rare, they occasionally win a battle, but they never win the wars, there is supposed to be a sequel though and the actual ending is still open ended, hopefully Cameron will respect the audience enough to give us a credible ending.