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VIDEO: Public Sharing Sidewalks Advisory Committee

Filmed on 3.1.10
Public Meeting about Anti-Camping and The Alcohol Zone agreement
anti camping
anti camping
This is about hour long video
It was broken into a few topics
. Welcome & Introduction (Commissioner Fritz)
. Alcohol Impact Area Updates
. Camping Discussion

We broke into small discussion groups regarding the camping issues, and I turned the camera off at that part

This is a public meeting and your voice will be heard
I am pleased to say I was somewhat not expecting the "good ideas" that I heard being suggested at the meeting
There were not so great ideas as well.

The meeting is organized through Amanda Fritz office on the first Monday of the month at 3:30


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

sidewalk drinking vs homelessness 07.Mar.2010 16:49


if the city/ county/ state/ community had all the homeless housed, then the homeless would not be targeted as a cause of public sidewalk drunkenness and it issues. The two sets of issues would be separated. That way the sidewalk drunks could be treated as such, and homelessness would not enter into the picture. There would in short, be no excuse for anyone to be loitering about, drunk on the sidewalks, peeing and defecating in public, etc. it would just be a matter of loitering/ drunkenness and such persons being homeless would not contribute at all. It stands to reason that housing ALL our local homeless would greatly reduce the numbers of those who would be PRESENT in that area and misbehaving in this manner. Another reason why housing for homeless chronic substance abusers should NOT be located near downtown or other problem hotspots, but SHOULD exist elsewhere in the pdx region.