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Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

New issue available!
The new issue of Perspectives is now available. You can find it at the Red and Black Cafe, Oak and 12th in SE, Reading Frenzy, downtown, and at Laughing Horse Books, at 10th and Burnside, in SE. It was printed at Eberhardt Press, with a cover design by Josh MacPhee.

The new issue, Vol 12, No. 1, features What's Happening, covering new books on anarchism; Real Universal Health Care; a roundtable discussion on Anarchist Art; a piece on the Movement for a New Society, a group which introduced prefiguration, direct action, consensus decision making and collective living to contemporary anarchism; Being a Bookchinite, by Chuck Morse, about his experiences working with Murray Bookchin; and a fond remembrance of Murray by Chaia Heller. There's also a call for articles for our next issue, due out this summer, on the radical politics of climate change and the economic crisis.

Now, go get one!

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