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Portland cops get away with another one

Cops attack 12 year old girl; she gets charged and convicted.
Many mainstream news sources have covered the bean-bag shooting of the 12 year-old girl by officer Christopher Humphreys (who killed James Chasse Jr in 2006), and today they are reporting that the girl was found guilty of resisting arrest and interfering with public transportation, and sentenced to one year probation and 24 hours community service. What is being left out of most of the news stories is that she only "resisted" after having her hair pulled by officer Dauchy for no good reason.

According to an article in the Mercury by Matt Davis, "use of force expert Stephen Yurger said he had watched the video, and saw no reason for Officer Dauchy to reach out to grab the defendant's hair." It was only after being pulled by the hair, by a full grown male police officer, that she allegedly punched that fucking cop in the chops.

Good for her. She did what more of us should do - stand up against police brutality. Now, I don't want to be irresponsible in encouraging behavior that could get those who take it seriously in some serious trouble, so be warned that there are consequences. Still, it is important to note the circumstances in which this incident happened, and that most of the newspapers are telling a LIE BY OMISSION when they don't mention the hair-pulling by the cop prior to the resistance by the juvenile.

So, what kind of message is being sent to the people of Portland by the courts? Basically, the cops can abuse you and your children, and will get away with it.

Have a nice day!

Head Grab Video posted on Indy Media 06.Mar.2010 16:58

joe anybody (repost)

Vidoe footage showing the head grab


pic of officer Dauchy 09.Mar.2010 21:32


hopefully picture of officer Dauchy attached
officer Aaron Dauchy - pulled girl's hair, got popped in the chops
officer Aaron Dauchy - pulled girl's hair, got popped in the chops

Dauchy in the middle 15.Mar.2010 19:44


Officer Aaron Dauchy is the guy in the middle, Chris Humphreys is on the right, looking at the camera. Picture from Portland Mercury, February26, 2010.