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Lionel is Dead: Executed By ODFW

Tonight, Lionel is dead. He was a healthy, friendly, gregarious sea lion who we were worriedly watching. We knew that he was among the animals absurdly listed by ODFW on their infamous hit list - a list of animals "observed eating at least one fish" at Bonneville dam, and therefore targeted for death. So when he showed up back in the ancient feeding grounds on the Columbia, near what was once Celilo Falls, we knew that the ODFW would be gunning for him. Today, when he hauled out of the cool water to sun himself in the warm spring air, he was trapped by ODFW and the Army Corps of Engineers. A short time later, he was injected with a lethal poison that stopped his heart, and he was killed.
We are very sad about this first killing of the spring. It is especially sad that he was killed while we still await a decision from the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that may rule the killings illegal.

Every year since the killing of the sea lions began, fishing quotas have been raised. This year is no exception. Fishermen will again be allowed to kill even more endangered salmon than they killed last year, and again, government agencies scapegoat and kill sea lions for the decline of salmon populations. How much more blood will we allow our government agencies to spill into the waters of the Columbia for nothing? There is no sound science behind this madness. It is not helping the salmon, it is only obscuring the real reasons for salmon decline, and causing pain and suffering to the sea lions.

If you are tired of this needless, sad killing, here are some things you can do:

1. JOIN US TOMORROW AT THE DAM IN PROTEST AGAINST THIS KILLING. We will be carpooling from the office of NW In Defense of Animals (1732 NE Alberta St, on the corner of NE 18th and Alberta Streets) at 10:30am sharp. We will meet at Bonneville Dam on the Washington side at 11:30am. Tell your friends, we could use some help. Speak up against the killing. If you have questions, please contact NW In Defense of Animals at (503)249-9996 or email Matt Rossell at  matt@idausa.org.

2. Call NOAA director J. Lubchenco at 202-482-3436 and demand that NOAA stop the lethal kill program. Tell her that you support the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and that you do not approve of the killing of sea lions when it is dams and over-fishing that have decimated the salmon populations. Tell her to reduce (rather than raise!) fishing quotas, and to end the lethal sea lion removal on the Columbia.

3. Call ODFW and tell them to stop the killing. Here is ODFW contact information:  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/agency/directory/index.asp

4. Contact the Army Corps of Engineers to tell them to stop participating in the killing. They are pushing for this program because it helps to deflect criticism from their mega dams that are killing around 70% of every salmon run. Here is their contact info:  http://www.usace.army.mil/ContactUs/Pages/default.aspx

homepage: homepage: http://sealiondefensebrigade.org

PROTEST 03.Mar.2010 19:16


Meet at the office of NW In Defense of Animals in the morning. Carpools leaving at 10:30am sharp to go to the dam for a demo. Convening at the dam, on the Washington side, at 11:30am.

Thanks!!! 04.Mar.2010 20:46

Report Back

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up today on such very short notice! It was great to see you all there.