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Advocate Needed - Attorney Needed - Help Please‏

Looking for Legal Representation concerning District Court Social Security Claim. Unable to locate an attorney through the search engines and Bar Associations search boxes that will take a Social Security Disability Case in District Court.
I truly am in need of legal and soon mental health assistance. Here is my story: I experienced a brain aneurysm in 2004 I believe it was and had neuro-surgery with a clipping (sub-arachnoid). This was the end result of being struck/run into by a drunken driver in 1997. I applied for SSD in 1997 and again in 2004. Only to be denied and denied and denied. I was also medically retired for physical disabilities from the USMC in 1981, not to mentioned several other disabling conditions I suffer from (PTSD, asplenic, Hep-C,etc). I worked as a Respiratory Therapist and an Electrician but have been unable to complete a work week since 1997 and now especially since the aneurysm in 2004. Some days are almost unmanageable. Anyways, I have been continually denied by Social Security and am now at the district court level and have been denied once again. It is of extreme importance that I find legal assistance or representation to once again file an appeal before I run out of time. It is now a matter of legal and not medical determination which I'm finding extremely hard to believe. Is our system that miussed up ? This time it is called a brief and I have to either have it submitted or file an extension by mid March or everything goes away after 12 years and about as many denials. I'm not exactly sure what is going on with all this now that it is a legal issue but I do know that something is very very wrong. In June of 2009 after a year and a half of mental and physical testing from the V.A. and out-sourcing to the private sector to see if I could return to the VocRehab (Chp 31) program I received a letter stating I was un-trainable and un-employable. Please help, anything will help at this point. This is absolutely crazy and I've almost become homeless once again due to the meager income from my V.A. Comp I do receive. There is so much more and I have a 950+ page transcript now that I don't believe is all inclusive of everything that has been submitted over these past years...Something is very wrong with all this to have gone to this level and to have taken so very long. Please help.

Please contact me with any reference or contact that could be of assistance. I soon need to file for an extension in district court for the Social Security Claim and haven't heard anything about my PTSD claim with the V.A. in some time. I believe the problem lies in that both agencies are using the other as a scapegoat or something ? I need to get some resolution with both of these matters concerning my disabilities and the claims I've made. It has been close to a decade on most of these issues and I have provided ALL the evidence and diagnosis which were cited in the continual denials and have even provided additional evidence to once again be denied. I can not seem to find an attorney to step up to the plate at the District Court Level, most say I should have had an attorney from the start, hind site is not what I'm looking for in the present - I need an attorney because I survived a brain aneurysm and have multiple other disabilities and am unable to return to the work force and it is all documented.

Thank you,

John Penwarden - aneurysm survivor - medically retired disabled veteran -
Portland, Oregon USA

**Please note that this is a basically condensed version of it all but I believe it covers the necessary points to be addressed. As mentioned please contact me with any information or resource. I'm am now attempting to bring this all to light through the media if at all possible and any reply with "how to's" on that would be greatly appreciated also.**

Do you know where the Chaplain's office is? 03.Mar.2010 13:06


Why don't you pay him a visit and get your tough shit card punched.

My opinion 03.Mar.2010 13:37

concerned even if you are military

I have gotten disability for PTSD. I know others who have. All this happened in another state. I have a friend who has AIDs who can't get disability. His problems are as bad as yours and he goes to school and lives off this money to survive. My advice is to move. The judge who's handling his case here in Portland is apathetic. He blames the guy for using medical marijuana to deal with his pain/symptoms. My guess is that it is harder to get disability in this state or Portland. Here there is extensive paranoia that everyone is just trying to scam the system and wants free money so they can have "fun" being homeless and not working. It is worse than a red state here. I also know someone who lived in Oregon who did try to scam social security. I really don't understand the workings here but you need to go somewhere else for a while and maybe fight your case there. The West coast is exceptionally paranoid of the poor in ways that dwarf just about anything I've seen anywhere else. They hate the disabled too, thought they put up a good liberal front and "pretend" to be so nice.