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East County Citizens Against Officer Durbin

Join the East County Citizens Against Officer Durbin Facebook page.
It is time to stop Police Officer Jeff Durbin, GREPD #27791, from harassing and intimidating the population of the East County. He has dishonored and abused his right to have the title of Police Officer. He is a disgrace to the badge, and I am ashamed he is an Officer in my community, or even an officer at all. This site has been created to organize any and all East County Citizens against his abuse of us. With enough support we can rid Gresham of corrupt Police Officers like Jeff Durbin. Let us change the East County for the better.

Here is a link to the Facebook page:  link to www.facebook.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/East-County-Citizens-Against-Officer-Durbin/368622525931#!/pages/East-County-Citizens-Against-Officer-Durbin/368622525931?v=wall

Durbin gives Police Officers Bad Name 27.Apr.2010 23:14

Another one of his Victims

this man is crazy! i wrote a letter to the city of gresham and complained about the unprofessional behavior of this man they call a police officer. i was pulled over for something that i was no guilty of - when i tried to talk to him he became abusive and added another thing to the citation, and when i said you can't do that - he added another thing. he harassed me, and was antaganoistic towards me. i went to court and he went up to me just before tyhe judge called my name and said i'd be sorry if i pled not guilty - he would see to it that i lost my license - and i did! the judge wouldn't listen. to the average citizen they would find this hard to believe. but if you are one of those that has been durbinized, you know exactly what i mean. get rid of this guy!