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Not responding to the Census by mail

If the census is going create lots of jobs for people that are out of work, then why not maximize that opportunity (for lack of the alternatives being extended to the un/underemployed) by waiting for somebody to come to your door?
Just a thought - listened to the guy managing the census in Oregon talking on the radio about how some people (i.e. marginalized groups whose interests are totally by governing bodies) mysteriously are not as compelled to fill out/return their census by mail as property owning whites.

Well, he didn't put it quite that way, but this guy's argument is that everyone should want to fill them out because it brings more money to Oregon, which of course isn't very important to you if, for example, that money is spent on extra training for the Portland Police to execute members of you community in the back...or if it pays for the same police to harass you for living under a damn bridge...

At any rate, as there are relatively few barriers to being employed as a census taker, it follows that increasing the amount of working hours available to the census takers by waiting for them to knock on your door will be putting money directly into the hands of members of the community that need it badly. Though it's not the ideal or empowering way to distribute opportunities to work, as very little is being done right now on behalf of the unemployed, I think this it's at least a justifiable and worthwhile way to help out.

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