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Video: Tre Arrow at E-LAW and on Public Access Television

Video excerpt from a panel at the 28th Annual Environmental Land, Air and Water Conference recently held in Eugene, Oregon. Panel was entitled" Direct Action for the Environment."

Tre Arrow at E-LAW Conference
Tre spends the first half of this 12 minute talk discussing his early activism, climbing the ledge at the Forest Service office to protest the Eagle Creek Timber Sale, and his experiences at the Oregon coast at the God's Valley Sale, where after free climbing a tree without gear, support, or a platform, he was severely injured due to the use of sleep deprivation tactics.

"I'm here today to say that we mustn't allow the oppressors to break our spirit, that we owe it to ourselves, to future generations, and certainly to this planet and all living being on this planet to do what we can to help create a more a more healthy, a more just, a more peaceful, a more eglatarian world, and that's what I'm committed to."
"And I fully encourage everyone in this room to do whatever they can to get educated, to get involved, to perhaps change their diet, perhaps eliminate certain things in ones life, purchases or activites that contribute to the greater whole."

"We all have creativity and we all have gifts that we can bring about to create a more healthy and just planet." Tre, agreeing with a previous speaker, encouraged using "every tool in the toolbox......I have tried several different tactics; some have been effective, some have been not as effective."

Arrow finishes his talk by fully encouraging everyone "to do what they feel motivated to do, to find it in your heart to access the passion that we all have."

Tre will appear for a live interview on the weekly call-in Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." this Friday evening, March 5, 2010, from 7:00 to 8:00. The program will be streamed live at www.ustream.com/growing-concern.
Along with the live phone calls, we hope that folks can comment or ask Tre questions via the comment section of the ustream website.

Listing of Other Friday and Saturday E-LAW Panels and Keynotes

Direct Action Panels:

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Second Panel in Three Parts. This panel features Danielle Thompson of SPECIEES, Matt Rossell of the local In Defense of Animals, Tre Arrow, and Victory, speaking about Portland Indymedia.

Direct Action's Many Forms, Part One

Direct Action's Many Forms, Part Two

Direct Action's Many Forms,Part Three

These ustream clips are raw and unedited, just as they were originally streamed. Many presenters also included a power point presenation or slide show which cannot always be included in the camera shot.
Programs produced from this raw footage will be available in the future on both Public Access television stations and YouTube.com. Please let me know if you want to be advised of schedules.

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