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"Banned in Berkeley" Anarchist Bookfair Afterparty

Anarchist Bookfair Afterparty at Kip's in Berkeley Saturday March 13th from 8PM onward. Kip's is located near the corner of Durant and Telegraph Ave., one block south of the entrance to UC Berkeley.
For the ever growing list of individuals who have been ostracized by the Insane Banning Posse at Berkeley's Long Haul Infoshop, there will be an alternative Anarchist Bookfair after party in Berkeley at Kip's. There is no reason why sane, rational radicals cannot get together after the annual anarchist bookfair for a chat and a brew. Come on by Kip's and socialize with "the people"...white radical environmentalists, black people with historical Black Panther associations, full blooded indigenous warrior tribal members, and it's hosted by the Chinese rooster clan!


address: address: 593 62nd Street, Oakland, CA 94609-1246