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Say NO To Starbase!

This is a notice of a rally and testimony to the Portland School Board scheduled for Monday, March 8. The Starbase program is a Pentagon program that abducts elementary school children from public schools and brings them to military bases. This militarization of younger and younger children has got to stop.
Please come to the rally and meeting to support the school board toward making the right decision to say no to the military. It's bad enough that in order to get financial aid a young person must register with the Selective Service, and it's bad enough that the military recruiters have access to our high school students as a condition of federal funding. This is going way way way too far. Help! If we don't protect our five-year-olds, what does that say about us???

Military bases are not designed for children, they are not playgrounds. Military bases, including our local Armory, store toxic materials and jet fuels; not safe for children. We are a country at war, military bases are not safe
places for civilians, especially children, during wartime. They are targets. Military personnel returning from active duty may suffer unpredictable and often violent behavior as a result of service. Luckily no children were injured on the base in Texas when such an incident occurred.

Of the 18 schools participating in this program all but 4 are Title 1 schools. All but three have higher percentages of minority students, and all but four have higher poverty.

Violence is on the increase in our public schools and culture. Exposing our young, impressionable children to exciting, high tech, high powered, weapons will not help in our struggle to move toward a more tolerant and peaceful society.


Local peace activist Brian Wilson speaks out against the program:


Follow us on Twitter at No2Starbase

Join us on Facebook: CASE- Communities for Alternatives to Starbase Education

homepage: homepage: http://nvpfo.blogspot.com/2010/02/starbase-education-that-kills.html

Peaceful Demonstration and Press Conference 26.Feb.2010 13:35


There will be a peaceful demonstration and press conference before the School Board meeting on Monday, March 8, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., when the School Board meeting starts. (Please note: Monday, March 8, is the second Monday in March, NOT this Monday.)

If you cannot show up to the School Board meeting and have not yet contacted the School Board members to voice your opposition of the renewal of the StarBase program, here are their contact e-mail addresses:


Please also demand that Portland Public Schools allow equal access to counter-recruiters.

Any and all support is deeply appreciated.