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activist arrested at cape romanzof fishing co.

a hippy celebrating his rebirth was arrested protesting the notorious by catch killers ( cape romanzof fishing co.) responsible for genocide on demand killing of everything the longliner catches that isnt the target fish
the company cape romanzof fishing co. ( also known as akulurak seafoods l.l.c and also known as baranof seafoods and also known as courageous seafoods and also known as kanaga island fisheries has been killing by catch on demand..why? becuz it takes to long processing it.. so they kill it before it crosses the threshold of thier boats railing..this (according to them ) gets them off the hook regarding the responsbility to count every thing they catch regardless. after they catch what they arent supposed to they are to count it and if they catch to much ,move to a different fishing hole.. but, since they knock off ( and usuall kill) all they dont target they fish gets stunned and partially eaten by the birds before sinking> every time they catch a "skate" mini sting ray they instruct the worker to stab it becuz it takes a few extra seconds to take out the hook..instead they crankup the longliner reeling in line at 15 minute times.they usually take 20 minutes per line to reel in but they put a barrier that ripps the hook out of the untargetd fish without stopping but going 1 1/2 times faster ... most of this is done when they have only 1 government observer and after a long day goes to sleep the company just cranks it up....

protests areon going but the cops show up regularly for the last week.. just this morning the owner tried to run over a protester by driving down the wrong side of the parking lot...he came within 6 inches...... the company website is  www.info@baranofcourageous.com