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Lone Vet Report-City Hall

We need to stay with this issue, the police need our help!
Why, please tell me why?
Why, please tell me why?
Individuals for Justice will hold a vigil starting tomorrow at 0900 in front of our City Hall to wait for the Council to address the shooting of Aaron Campbell in a way that makes us all proud to be part of this city.  We must have a Police Review Board that is independent with subpoena power.  We must trust those on this board and not worry that once again we will be told that all is well and our police are doing a good job.  When a human life is taken by a decision of our police, we must know the reason why and what danger really existed and not some cover story or excuses by good cops, this must stop.  Many of the police officers I have come into contact with are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, but rogue police must know that their days are numbered being a police officer.  So we will stay a bit in front of the City Hall every Wednesday from about 0830 until 0930 to remind our representatives we are not going away until we feel that the police are on our side and not just their side.  

We will be few in the beginning, but we will stay as long as it takes.  Want us to go away, announce an Independent Review Board that Community Leaders are satisfied will change the attitude of shoot first, ask questions later.

Come join us it you can, if you can't, stop by and say hello.  I know this is short notice concerning tomorrow, but we will be there next week, the week after that and so on; this will be a long and difficult fight for justice.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
Veterans Against Torture
Veterans for Justice



homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

It has a day 24.Feb.2010 20:54

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Aaron Campbell PROTEST:

We came, we saw and the Russians wanted their picture taken with us. The security people came to write down what our signs said. The local TV crew was there and took pictures of what we were saying. WW had a reporter there to talk to us. KBOO was there and that was the most fun, love talking to KBOO. All of this happened in less than 1 hour in front of City Hall today. We departed the area about 1000 and headed for coffee; I had my mocha and a piece of wonderful cherry pie, I was happy! I do feel guilty from time to time, because I am having too much fun being a citizen.

The Russians were businesspersons who were here to see what our local government was like. There were two of them and wanted to know what we were doing with signs hanging from our necks and telling people going into the council meeting that there must be justice for the people of Portland in the Aaron Campbell case. Individuals for Justice will have a few people each Wednesday in front of City Hall to remind our local politicians that talk is cheap and action is rich.

Why the corporate news was there today, don't have a clue. They did not talk to us, just took some video and moved on, it was a strange encounter. KBOO was there to talk to us and Jenka may have gotten a parking ticket for her trouble, not too happy with that part of the event but what the hell, shit happens.

We will be there for a bit because we do not feel this is a minority battle, this should involve all citizens and the politicians should be made to feel the heat for a long time, not just a few weeks.

There are strategy meetings being held and we will have reps there to put out our point of view. We believe in an independent review board that has the power of subpoena and some teeth, not some advisory group that holds meetings, tries to make changes but can only recommend. All citizens must understand this could happen to them and fight against the culture that has allowed this to go on for so long a period.

We will play a supportive role but hold onto our individuality as always. We will also keep our watch at the 9th Circuit Court on Thursday at high noon to await the removal of Judge jay bybee. There is lots of action on this front all across the nation to bring bybee, yoo, and the rest to stand before a criminal judge. Someday they will answer for their crimes and torture is not the most serious of their acts, they justified the invasion of Iraq, the opening and operation of prisons that routinely torture prisoners. These are the worst of the worst and for our own souls must and will be held accountable for their monstrous acts.

Therefore, if you see this little old vet with his cane and oxygen standing holding a sign for justice, stop and say hello; it helps.

For Justice and Peace

Joe Walsh- Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon